3 Most Effective Team Strategy To Get That Goal

We get frustrated when we are losing. When we are frustrated, our minds behave erratically. Even though we knew we should change our style of play to turn things around, we refused to do it, either out of stubbornness, or simply just demoralised.

To solve this, we just need to tap on our expertise when our minds are sober and thinking well. By setting some PES on-the-fly strategies before a game, we can instantly activate them when required in a match, saving us the time, trouble and the unwillingness of going into formation settings mid-game for adjustments.

One of the ways to regain momentum of the match is to activate PES pre-set strategies. These strategies allow you to put more emphasis on attack or defence, depending on the circumstances of the match. I will share 3 strategies that I find effective, which I utilise for every team I play.

CB Overlap

This allows one of your Centre Back to rush up and join in the attack. Very effective when you are chasing for the equaliser. Select a defender who is fast and has high shot power. Avoid pushing up a slow defender with a poor touch. He will be more of a hindrance than an asset.

Instruct one of your Centre Backs to charge forward. Image credit: Konami

Defenders are good in heading and pose an aerial threat in attack. He makes late runs into the box, usually unmarked, causing havoc in the defence. Defenders have high shot power for powerful shots on goal. In my Arsenal PES ML Team, I use Gallas as my overlapping CB. It is a wonderful strategy. In the 2nd half when I am still searching for goals, activating CB Overlap with Gallas always gets me the goals I required. You don’t have to bother watching out for him when you are attacking, somehow in the final third, he will be there, ghosting in unmarked. This sets up an extra man for your passing move, or try first time shots with him.

Puyol Charging Forward. Image credit: Konami

Definitely my preferred PES strategy.

And don’t worry about leaving gaps at the back. Your CM and 2nd CB will do a nice job covering for you. Just ensure you make decent passes.

Custom Setting A/ B

This PES strategy allows you to switch to a preset formation instantly, and switch back to the original when required. Particular useful when, lets say, you are searching for a goal, you activate Strategy A, which you have preset to have 4 strikers. Once you get the goal, you simply deactivate it to play your usual style.

Change Your Formation Instantly. Image credit: Konami

For example, when you use a 4-4-2, you can tweak your Strategy A by pushing your RM up to a RWF role, making it 4-3-3.

This results in an additional attacker for you to fight for additional goals. When you have scored and find that having 3 strikers is too risky, just deactivate the Strategy to revert to the original gameplan.

Simple, Fast, and Effective.

You can always have 2 preset Custom Settings, but I find that too troublesome and will only confuse yourself. So just stick to one extra settings.

Preset these 2 PES strategies in your gameplan, and activate them when you are in search of goals. Once your objective is completed, simply deactivate them.

Counter Attack

As the name suggests, Counter Attack allows you to turn defence to attack in a flash. There used to be a pre-set strategy for Counter Attack in previous PES versions. However, this was removed in PES 2011. Thus, you will need to set up your own counter attack moves, through quick passes up the field whenever you regain possession.

Make Full Use Of Your Numerical Advantage. Image credit: Konami

Field pacy players to take advantage of the spaces during counter attack. Play them on the flanks to take advantage of their speed. You can introduce them late on in the game to take advantage of tired legs, and exploit any gaps in defence to play through passes.


Use these simple strategies to help you get the goal you are seeking!

Main image credit: Konami


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    Great work man, will definately try the CB overlap, what also works for me is pushing the defensive line high and put up compactness, it reduces the need for pressure and unike pressure keeps players in position.

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    Thank you very much. I always wondered what these custom settings were for. I’ve followed your advice – it’s excellent. I’m playing Master League with Man Utd. I have 28-30 players – all are above 90 development points. I rotate players each week so I have one team that play every other week using 4-4-2. The custom settings (A & B) now allow me to set up 4-3-3 formation for each of my teams. Fantastic! Please write more – your advice is so useful.


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    As you adviced in your article, I only switch to 4-3-3 if I’m losing and custom settings make this so much easier. Again, thanks very much.

  4. Zed Author

    Thanks Jonathan!

    Yes try out CB overlap and let me know if it works for you.
    Oh I see that you are playing a high defensive line. Interesting, thanks for this great tip! I shall try it out myself too!

  5. Zed Author

    Hi Adam,

    You are welcomed. Thanks for your comments!
    Indeed, the custom formation makes it so much easier for us players. Glad that i could be of help to you!

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    hi Neo,

    Is it correct that the formation in the first picture is the formation of South Korea? Did you change anything in the tactical settings? I’ve played once against someone with over 700 points and lost 7-1. When I play with South Korea…well you can fill the rest in ;-(

    Great site by the way. Keep up the good work! (i miss the guide from piggybackinteractive.com).

    Regards, mvds72

  7. Zed Author

    Hi Mvds72,

    South Korea? Which one are you refering to?
    Thanks for your encouragement!
    Oh yes piggyback is good.
    PESMastery.com is an unofficial version for the fans, by a fan. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!

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    I never thought about these things….though I often use the Counter Attack strategy, I never paid attention to the CB overlap….thnx for the useful info…

  9. Zed Author

    Hi Ali,

    My pleasure. Thanks!
    I myself love the Counter Attacking Strategy.
    I found the other 2 effective as well so decided to share them with you guys.
    Glad you find them useful!

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    nice post Zed,
    you r really pes master!

  11. Zed Author

    Hi Kaze,

    Many thanks for your compliment.
    Just glad to be able to share wad I know, and even happier that readers like yourself find them useful 🙂

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    dis site is just d best thnks a whole lot 4 d articles.my gameplay as changed drastically

  13. Zed Author

    Hello Francis,

    Many thanks! Glad that it helps your gameplay 🙂

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    Counterattack?have try it…but will most try CB overlap and preset too..keep writing man..

  15. Zed Author

    Hi Endrat,

    You are welcomed! Yes I will keep posting relevant tips, and for the upcoming PES 2011!

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    Hi Z Neo, i think your tactics makes fine tuning to us.

    Your recommendations are better than piggyback i think.

    Because you look great player.

    I think in PES2011 “CB overlap” most powerfull strategy.

    But usually i dont like another formation because i like 4-3-3 formation and i always try “chanell defending”.

    Thanks for great advices..

  17. Zed Author

    Thanks Ugur!

    Yes CB Overlap is definitely one of my favourate strategy.
    Channel defending is awesome too as you will force your opponents to the wings and limit their threat to your goal.

    Thanks for your comments!


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    Thnkx. 4 d invite!!!!! Am a nigerian,22 yrs old, am doing not 2 bad,a final yr. student ( university undergrad ). Well, for concerns on pro 11……. i think its CRRAPPP!!!!!. Am sorry if i offended u, but down here pro is most recognized, since pro evo 4. we love it.but dey just had 2 mess up 2011. 1st of all am a pc user so i enjoy more updates dan console users.d graphics is always great but dey dindt need 2 copy fifa gameplay system. believe me wen i say alot of people here play pro,its almost like a cult everywhere u go u see pro,even d overaged play pro (28-35)had 2 be specific.till today all does times were known as d pro eras. but now dey have sent u back 2 either pro 2010 or fifa 11. d power bar is crap, d mode of passing isnt accurrate,always make great keepers look bad,theres always a stupid scramble in box 18 (dont know if uv noticed dat), AI is really POOOOOORRRR!!!!! both players and keepers score stupid own goals, keepers always more dan 80% of d time parry d ball which sometimes is annoying.theres a whole lot more stuffs and i think am boring u. IF U ONLY UNDERSTAND D PAIN AM GOING THROUGH!!!!.each time i play d game i get really FRUSTRATED.almost every student in skool bought dis game and 2 my dissapointment still play pro 10 and leaave 11 hanging. there are 2 many complaints.HMMMM ,i think i feel beta getting dis all out………..NOT!!!!! ehhh, thnks z neo. oo!!! great job here, lot of useful stuff here i can use for PRO 11, i mean 10.AHHH!!! it pains me so!!!!!

  19. Zed Author

    Hi there!

    Wow, you have strong opinions against PES 2011 !
    Personally I feel theres is a great improvement from PES 2010! No?
    Well but everyone has their own opinions so I hope you find my site useful for you to use in PES 2010!


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    well i can tell you a usefull trick when you are palying with counter attacks.1st your pressure at team style must be 10 if you are playing pes 2011…50 if you are playing pes 2010…2nd you must press in their own half only with the cf and all the other players of your team wait in your own half.wait for the opponent to come to your half and then press x,square.the left analog stick’s direction must where you attack.keep pressing these until you get the ball and then make one pass to your CF,play one-two pass with your CF and your right winger or left winger and go for a goal.opponents will cant react believe me.the key for win is the defence and your attack begins from your opponent’s attack.i hope this will help you improve yourselves.

  21. Zed Author

    Hi Alexandros,

    Thats very interesting. thanks for this tip!

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    Nice hints and tips mate , this is one of the most detailed info on the game that I ever seen . Thanks for Your shares and keep it up .

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    Never used the overlapping CB for fear of being caught open on the back for the way i play , I will be trying it in my next couple of matches , thanks !

  24. Zed Author

    Hi Christopher,

    I am glad you find this site useful!


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    That was really helpful. Thanks a million.


  26. Zed Author

    Glad i could be of help Henry!

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    Can someone explain channel defending?

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    Great article and sound advice, the CB Overlap has saved me points and salvaged points for me over many matches.

  29. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Jae,

    Channel defending would be to ‘channel’ attackers to move in a certain direction, usually towards the flanks, where they will pose less threats as compared to running down the centre.

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