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Overcoming Scripting in PES

There is little debate that scripting, or momentum, exists in PES. I am sure you will have felt in one time or another. Check out any PES forum and there will be plenty of discussion (and a couple of rants) about it. Some feel there is a need for script, …

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PES Advanced Instructions

Apart from the standard Attacking and Defending Instructions in PES, you can employ Advanced Instructions to up your tactical game. Advanced Instructions are tactics that you can switch on and off in the game, depending on the situation on the field. Setting Advanced Instructions Head to Preset Tactics -> Advanced …

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Recovering from a Red Card

Do your PES defenders tend to make rash tackles that results in red cards? Are your results affected by sending offs? These 3 easy tactical guides will allow you to survive, and even win any match, with 10 men or less!

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PES Everton Formation

Everton is a great team to use for anyone seeking a challenge. Here is a short and concise guide to help you get started. And if you happen to face an everton team, find out its strengths and weaknesses in this guide as well.

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PES Arsenal Guide

Arsenal are blessed with fast wingers and talented midfielders. And they have a wealth of young talents on their hands! Check out Arsenal’s strengths and weaknesses here, and if you are looking for future stars to purchase, find some from the Arsenal team.

PES 2010 Tactical Guide II

Hello PES 2010 gamers! In this tutorial, I will be recommending 2 more useful strategies and how to utilise them. Strategy A/ Strategy B This allows you to change your formation on the fly in PES 2010. Useful when you are searching for a goal, and switching back defend a …

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PES 2010 Tactics and Formations

I am sure you had experienced cases in PES 2010 when you had been winning consecutive matches, and suddenly, there was a drop in form. You could not conjure out attacking moves, your defense was leaking in goals, and you simply could not win! When this occurs, it could be …