Welcome to PESMastery, your guide to Pro Evolution Soccer, or should I say, eFootball.

In this site, you will find all you need to become a better player, both online and offline. Get tips on gameplay and tactics from all the tutorials created over the past years.

The Academy

New to PESMastery? Dive into PES Academy, a collection of tutorials covering shooting, dribbling, defending, set pieces, tactics, and many more.

  • PES Shooting Tutorial
    Learn about the basics of executing a good shot at goal and discover the best shot option to use in every situation.
  • PES Dribbling Tutorial
    Identify the best dribbling tricks, learn exactly the best locations and situations to pull them off, and equip yourself with the skills to maintain excellent ball control under pressure.
  • PES Crossing Tutorial
    Learn how to send in accurate crosses, execute the variations of crosses in the game, and master the techniques to connect with crosses and score spectacular goals.
  • PES Passing Tutorial
    Master the techniques of accurate passing, learn to split the opponents’ defence with the deadly lofted pass, and fully utilise the teammate controls to create unpredictable attacking runs and beautiful passing moves.


My first game in the series was ISS 3, and since then, I have played almost all of the yearly editions. Around 10 years ago, I found that there weren’t many websites and online content covering PES. Konami has also stopped producing the official guide.

As long term PES players will know, the game has a steep learning curve, especially back in the days. I decided to create this site to consolidate all my learnings, and hopefully help new players get better in the game.

If you are interested, check out the About page to learn more about this site.


I was a huge fan of offline Master League back in the days, and now spent most of my playing time online on myClub and Online Divisions. My tutorials mainly revolve around guides on gameplay and tactics, and at times may include news, updates, and other fun stuff about the series.

Here are the main categories.


Nowadays, I write regularly on all things PES. Check out the latest content.

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It has been an incredible journey over the past 10+ years. I have got to known many readers and made new friends. If you will like to get in touch, either to suggest topics or just to say hi, send me a message in the Contact page.