Welcome to PESMastery, and thank you for your interest.

My introduction to the PES series was through ISS, and over the years I have played almost all editions of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven. There was a period of time when the gameplay of FIFA was really bad, and my time was spent mainly on Pro Evolution Soccer.

I could still remember my frustrations in the early days of playing PES, when my players do silly things that caused me to lose matches. Now, thankfully, my skills have improved. This site was created with the intention of sharing my playing experience and smooth the learning curve for new players.

I started this site in the late 2000s, way before the popularity of streaming sites like Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming. I would like to think that PESMastery is one of the first publications of its kind to provide tips on gameplay and strategy. Despite the popularity of video content, I continue to prefer posting articles, as reading is my ideal form of content consumption. I think if you are reading this, it is the same for you too.

Running PESMastery has been an enriching experience for me. It gave me the opportunity to interact with players from all over the world, from all walks of life. It allowed me to practise web design, writing and video editing. It has been a fun ride!

Thanks for visiting, and have a great day.