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PES Inspire Ability

We all need inspirational players in our team – players whom others look up to, players who can motivate their teammates and lead them to victories. Since PES 2020, players have a new ability – Inspire. From my experience playing online and offline, there is no doubt that you need …

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Recovering from a Red Card

Do your PES defenders tend to make rash tackles that results in red cards? Are your results affected by sending offs? These 3 easy tactical guides will allow you to survive, and even win any match, with 10 men or less!

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Defending with Style

All too often, defenders are made to look bad as attackers ghost past them with flashy tricks and skills. Now, is time to reverse the role with these 2 top defending methods to calmly and stylishly rob the ball away from those flashy strikers.

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PES Defending – Knock Him Down

As commentators love to say, ‘Tackling Is An Art’. Yes it is. Timing and precision is everything. And there is one effective way to defend in PES, without using the Tackle buttons! You can see how I use Glen Johnson to dispossess KaKa easily on my right flank.

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Last Minute Goals

Last Minute Goals are common in PES. Here is a brief explanation of why it occurs in the game, as well as sharing how to take advantage of this, and how to avoid it.

One Great Way to Dribble in and Get a Shot

After playing many games of PES, I have found a reliable way to dribble, get into the box, and take a shot on goal. This tutorial will show you how. Exploit the Side Backs Side backs are the weakness in the game. When your wingers are rampaging down the wings, …

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PES Marseille Roulette And Scooping

My favourite 2 dribbling moves are the Marseille Roulette and The Scooping. Unlike most other tricks, they are both beautiful to watch and effective to beating opponents! Some players may have obstacles in executing these moves so here is a very short guide on how to perform these 2 tricks with ease.