4 Easy Ways To Boost Your Players’ Performance

Despite possessing all the best strategies and tactical gameplan in the world, every winning team needs to have players who can perform the job well. Although the best tactics is able to create a winning team out of average players, he still has to inspire his players to give their all. And we will find out exactly how to ensure our first 11 are performing at their peak..

Condition Arrow

Field all your players with red arrow. Image credit: Konami

To enjoy your game and obtain the best results, field players who have the Red Condition Arrow. They are in top form, and you will find that they play much better. Their movements are faster, their shots are much more powerful and accurate! Avoid playing players that have the Purple Arrow. I have found that Reserve Players In Top Form are able to play much better than a Star Player in poor form. Thus, I will recommend you to choose condition arrow as a first priority for key matches.

How To Maintain Top Condition Arrows

In the past, whenever you noticed certain players who are in poor form, you can just send them for training and there is a chance for their condition arrow to improve. Now, this is not possible. It will require much more effort on our part, and here are the simple 3 steps to do so.

  • Spend more on your athletic trainer. A better trainer is the best way to ensure your players are always in decent condition, reducing the amount of blue or purple arrows.
  • Play well in matches to maintain top form. Form depends on your player’s performance. If your player achieve a high match rating of above 7, he will have a good condition arrow for the next game.
  • Spend more training points on players’ Athletic Ability. This builds up the individual’s condition level.
Image credit: Konami


When you place players in a position they are not comfortable with, their stats will drop. It is easy to notice this as their overall rating will drop. Always check for rating discrepancies when you change players around.

Ratings drop when players are played out of position. Image credit: Konami

However, you do not have to worry about the fall in ratings too much. The fall in rating will not affect your game too much if you apply the rest of the strategies mentioned in this guide. If you prefer Ballack to play RMF in this case as you want him to attack from the right, you should just go ahead with it. Players have to fit into a team and your overall team play will be more important than just a slight fall in the player’s ratings.

Captain Bravo

Image credit: Konami

Choose a good captain. A good performance by the captain will have a positive influence on the whole team. Sometimes we are too focused on rotating players that we did not notice the captaincy is held by one of our reserves. Thus after doing squad rotations, ensure that the captaincy do not fall into the wrong hands, or you might be wondering what went wrong during the game.


Keep these simple tips in mind to help you get the best performance from your team.

Main image credit: Konami


  1. Avatar

    Nice tips! But some of them are applied to season games or master league which I don’t play, but I’ll start one!

    Only 1 question: the drop of the player overall, means that he will perform worse? I mean slower dribbles, less shot accuracy, power, etc.

    Thanks man, nice job 😉

  2. Zed Author

    Thanks Felipe!

    I find that the drop of the player’s stats overall will NOT affect his individual skills by much, but, it will affect his intelligence and positioning in the new position. For example, when I played Simao in CF, he will not be making forward runs into the box, as compared to Diego Forlan, and his reaction to loose balls in the box will be poorer, as compared to when you play him in his prefered Left Wing. You can still use him to dribble, pass, shoot, without really sensing any difference, but when off the ball, he will have a poor game.

    I hope this helps you Felipe!

  3. Avatar

    thanks for the captain tip ialways wondered if that made a difference, how do you choose a good captain though?

  4. Zed Author

    Hi Lasselle,

    You are welcomed!
    For me I will usually choose the best player who is the most influential, and preferably one that is old.
    Results tend to go my way when I choose a captain like this, so although there is no conclusive proof from Konami that a captain will affect the game, i think it does, perhaps psychologically haha.

  5. Avatar

    Zed how can I do to maintain my players in good mood and without fatige when you are playing a regular league in the community. I discovered that when you play alone a regular league (I prefer the spanish league) the mood and the fatige are not so dramatical that when you play vs other players in the community mode. Also for a strange reason in the community league in the last round all the fatige is reseted
    please your advice

  6. Avatar

    i didn’t know this trick with the captain.really usefull thanks.

  7. Avatar

    Very helpfull info, I have a curiosity about players form. Does having a good rating for a player after the match ( how good he played ) for ez 7.5 effecta hia form ( red , orange , green arrows etc ) in the following match ONLINE ? I dont really think so but i had to ask. thanks.

  8. Zed Author

    Hi Marco,

    Personally I do not think there is any correlation. Correct me if I am wrong! 🙂

  9. Avatar

    Спасибо тебе, отлично расписана информация !!! ; )

  10. Avatar

    thanks a lot for your email. these infomations are so useful, keep on your work 🙂

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