Defending with Style

Rio Ferdinand, Carles Puyol. Top class elegant defenders, who makes effective defending an art. Defending don’t have to be rough and unsightly. We shall look at the 2 methods of winning the ball, effectively and calmly. Time to reverse the role and make a fool out of the attackers.

PES Stylish Defending 1 – Sliding Tackles

Irritated by all those flashy tricks? What better way to stamp you authority with a sliding tackle. Yes, there are sliding tackles to crunch your opponent and leave them in a heap of mess (That’ll show them!), and there are those that wins the ball back perfectly, leaving the striker red-faced. Sliding tackles are best used in the middle of the field. Even if you missed, there are still back-up in defence. Sliding tackles are often seen on the flanks as well. And they should be avoided in the penalty box. Yes it is hard to win a penalty in PES nowadays, but it is still very easy to give one away.

To do a perfect sliding tackle in PES, you have to run alongside the dribbler. Be calm and wait for the chance. Once your opponent knocks the ball forward, go in for the tackle. You will get the ball, the dribbler will skip over you. And you counter attack.

Image credit: Konami

PES Stylish Defending 2 РJockey Stance

Mindless chasing back and tackle is not only ineffective in a PES match, it makes you look like a headless chicken. We have talked about sliding tackles, now let’s move on to standing tackle. To tackle the ball with calm and precision, hold the PES Special Control button (R2) and follow your opponent.

This activates the PES Jockey Stance. This stance makes your defender more alert and balanced, making it harder for anyone to dribble past you. You can use this to channel opponents to the flank by obstructing the easy path to goal. Stay calm and wait for your opponent to approach you. Once he is close enough to you, go in for the tackle. It will be clean and strong. Any flashy tricks he execute is ineffective and will only cause him embarrassment as you can simply step in to take the ball away.

Image credit: Konami


Use these 2 defending methods in your next PES match, especially the jockey stance. It is a very effective technique to close down on your opponent and create an imposing figure. Once he moves in towards you, tackle him with either a stylish sliding tackle, or a simply standing tackle. Gloat and start your counter attack.

Main image credit: Konami