Tactical Strategies To Mount A Fightback

You have found out how to alter the game tide in PES and regain match momentum through some simple tricks on the pitch. Now I am going to show you how you can add an additional momentum boost with a few tricks in the tactical arena.

Be A Tinkerman

Initially I am sceptical about changing my formation in the middle of the game. I have already gotten used to the positioning of my players, why should I change it? And furthermore I am very irritated after conceding silly goals, I can’t be bothered about formation and stuff.

Now if you have this mentality, you are not alone. Yes you are familiar with your players’ positioning, so does your opponent! They know your players, your formation, your playing style straight from the kickoff! And they are able to counter it, thus they could score against you. If you do nothing to change it, it is hard to change your final results.

A simple trick after conceding goals is to add an extra forward. Push one of your SMF or AMF to a WF or SS position. The presence of an additional forward will draw defenders to him and create more space and draw more errors. It also gives you more chances to pounce on rebounds and counter attack on every opportunity.

However, do not change your formation immediately after conceding a goal. Remembering at momentum with the scoring team? Adding more attackers immediately makes you vulnerable at the back which will lead to more goals conceded. Change your formation only when the scoring momentum has faded away slightly, unless it is in the last few minutes, then you have to risk everything by changing instantly.

If you are playing with 2 forwards, add an extra man as a LW or RW. When you have 3 forwards, push your CM up to a SS position.

Once, I increased from 2 Strikers to 4, and it works wonders in the last 10 minutes of the match! The pressure on the opponents force them to make mistakes, resulting in more shots on goal, and more momentum. With increased momentum, you will win headers from goal kicks. Head the ball back to your strikers. There will be much room for you to exploit in the defence as in PES, most of your opponents’ players are beyond the halfway line during a goal kick.

Star Aura

In Master League, you will probably rest some star players during matches with weaker teams. Or in multiplayer matches, you simply have too many star players to play them all. And the most obvious solution to spark a comeback? Send on your star player! Now, your star player may have a high fatigue bar, that doesn’t really matters. He don’t have to really touch the ball, although it will be easier for you if he does.

You see, sending on star players will bring about a special kind of ‘aura’ which tremendously improves your whole team, and I am not exaggerating here.

Once, my Roma team was playing like crap, and I sent on a tired Totti. I can feel the effect immediately. My players have improved touch and smoother movements to create more attacking moves! It helps if you can involve a tired Totti in the play as well. Why bother to rest him for a big game when you are dropping points off a small one.

Or when you have too many stars, like Chelsea, simply send on Deco for Lampard if he is not performing. Just the presence of another star will motivate the entire team to play better. Try to send on stars before the 70th minute mark for him to work his magic.

It’s All In The Head

I use this option all the time in every match, whether I am leading or lagging. Hold L2 + Up or Down Directional Button to change the players’ mindset. When we are lagging, set the mindset to a more attacking one, but I will fill it up to 4/5′, so as not to compromise my defence. It is only until the last 20 minutes that I will go all out.


Just implement these 3 simple tactical techniques together with gameplay strategies on the pitch to give an additional boost to your fightback !

Main image credit: Konami