PES Tactical Guide II

Hello PES 2010 gamers!

In this tutorial, I will be recommending 2 more useful strategies and how to utilise them.

Strategy A/ Strategy B

This allows you to change your formation on the fly in PES 2010.

Useful when you are searching for a goal, and switching back defend a lead.
When you use a 4-4-2, tweak your Strategy A by pushing your RM up to a RWF role, making it 4-3-3.

This results in an additional attacker for you to pursue additional goals. When you had scored, just deactivate the Strategy to revert to the original gameplan.

CB Overlap

This allows one of your Center Back to rush up to join the attack.

Defenders are good in heading and pose an aerial threat in attack.
He makes late runs into the box, usually unmarked, causing havoc
Defenders have high shot power for powerful long range shot
To activate, hold ‘Select’ and the preset Direction button.


Try these out and let me know how it goes for you.

Main image credit: Konami