PES Become A Legend FAQ

For those of you who are grooming a future superstar, this section is specially for you! Common doubts are covered extensively in this section

A Legend Is Born. Image credit: Konami


I will recommend you use the Wide Camera Angle used in normal matches. The Become A Legend Camera is decent, but using that may leave you confused at times. To excel in this mode, it is better for you to use the Wide Camera Angle. 

Starting Off

The first important thing to do is to choose your playing position. Your position will depend on the type of gamer you are. If your main objective is to just keep scoring goals and is lazy to defend, you will do well as a Centre Forward. If you do not like the burden of goal scoring, preferring to assist and loves running all over the field, AMF will suit you very well. Play as a winger if you dream of hogging the flanks, and cutting in to torture defenders. Finally, if you prefer to do all the dirty work and go around sliding at players, DMF is for you.

AMF is the most exciting position for me. Image credit: Konami

You will start off with very lousy stats, as you are only 17. If they give you high stats from the beginning, everyone will be a superstar in 5 years time. In the first few matches, just focus on passing the ball accurately and try a few shots on goal to get decent ratings. It might be a little boring in the beginning so you might want to set the match length to just 5 mins first.

Game play strategies

The AI is never perfect. Your teammates will be making ridiculous moves in the game. But to ensure you play a decent game, always play at Top Player.

Ask for a pass by pressing the PES Special Control button (R2). Do not call the ball all the time. If you are not involved in the play, you will be messing up with the attacking move. Your teammates may lose the ball while trying to pass to you. On other times, they simply ignore you. I will recommend calling for the ball only when you are running in space. 

Try to pass the ball to your teammate who has the best stats. This reduce the possibility of your team losing possession as you make your run forward. It is very frustrating when you run all the way upfield, only to have someone lose the ball and chase all the way back.

You will have to depend on yourself to dribble past players. The AI do not have the initiative to do that for you.

Development Of Your Player

When you just started, you will not jump into league games straight away. Instead, they will throw you to play with your teammates in a training match. Depending on your match ratings, the maximum training matches you are forced to play will be 9. If you play well, you will just need around 5 matches to move on to the real games.

Boring Training Matches – Bear With It! Image credit: Konami

Throughout your career, you will gain two types of experience points, Match Experience Points, and Strength Experience Points. Match experience Points are only attributed to you after you played a game. Strength Experience Points will be gained throughout your career, even if you skipped matches. To ensure fast development, I will recommend you not to skip matches even if they are boring.

Play More Matches To Level Up. Image credit: Konami

There is an area called the Focus Point. It allows you to target the attributes where you wish to improve first. Personally, I focus on stamina and speed as I play in Midfielder. Midfielders make box to box run all the time, and stamina has to be high in order to last throughout the game. High speed allows me to sprint towards goal during attacks. If you play as a Forward, perhaps you want to ensure your power is high for powerful shots on goal.

Stamina And Speed Are Crucial. Image credit: Konami

How to ensure I get high match ratings?

For strikers, just score goals and you will get high match ratings. As for other players, good accurate passes will get you a decent rating. Occasionally, try a few long shots at goal.

How to get skill cards in Become A Legend

The type of skill cards you get in PES Become a Legend depends on your position, our performance, and your stats. There will be a higher chance of unlock a sliding tackle if you are a DMF, or a 1-on-1 finish if you are a striker. You will unlock a skill card once a related stats hit a certain level. E.g You may obtain the Penalty Taker Skill card once your shooting accuracy hits 90.

But you will not get all the cards, and there is no point in getting all as well. You won’t need ‘Chasing Back’, ‘Overlapping Run’, ‘Dummy Runner’ etc as you are in full control of the player, and it is up to you whether you wish to chase back or overlap on the flanks.

To beat your marker, you may want some flashy tricks skill cards to help you. To unlock them, you will need to have a high stats in Technique, and I think Reaction will helps too. Focus on improving your passing stats and you will unlock the Passer skill card as well.


Image credit: Konami

During every transfer window, there will at least be one new offer for you to join another club. You can either move or stay with your current club. Although playing with weak teams is very boring, do resist the urge to change club too often, especially in the first season. There is no point as you will only get offers from other weak teams. Why not stay in one club which you are familiar with the players and playing style, and play well enough to grow your stats and reputation.

There will be more offers from team in your league than foreign teams. Thus if you want to play for an Italian giant in the future, perhaps you might want to start your career in Italy, and the offers will come sooner.


Become a legend is a new and exciting game mode. I hope you have found this guide useful.

Main image credit: Konami