PES Become A Legend FAQ

For those of you who are grooming a future superstar, this section is specially for you! Common doubts are covered extensively in this section

A Legend Is Born. Image credit: Konami


I will recommend you use the Wide Camera Angle used in normal matches. The Become A Legend Camera is decent, but using that may leave you confused at times. To excel in this mode, it is better for you to use the Wide Camera Angle. 

Starting Off

The first important thing to do is to choose your playing position. Your position will depend on the type of gamer you are. If your main objective is to just keep scoring goals and is lazy to defend, you will do well as a Centre Forward. If you do not like the burden of goal scoring, preferring to assist and loves running all over the field, AMF will suit you very well. Play as a winger if you dream of hogging the flanks, and cutting in to torture defenders. Finally, if you prefer to do all the dirty work and go around sliding at players, DMF is for you.

AMF is the most exciting position for me. Image credit: Konami

You will start off with very lousy stats, as you are only 17. If they give you high stats from the beginning, everyone will be a superstar in 5 years time. In the first few matches, just focus on passing the ball accurately and try a few shots on goal to get decent ratings. It might be a little boring in the beginning so you might want to set the match length to just 5 mins first.

Game play strategies

The AI is never perfect. Your teammates will be making ridiculous moves in the game. But to ensure you play a decent game, always play at Top Player.

Ask for a pass by pressing the PES Special Control button (R2). Do not call the ball all the time. If you are not involved in the play, you will be messing up with the attacking move. Your teammates may lose the ball while trying to pass to you. On other times, they simply ignore you. I will recommend calling for the ball only when you are running in space. 

Try to pass the ball to your teammate who has the best stats. This reduce the possibility of your team losing possession as you make your run forward. It is very frustrating when you run all the way upfield, only to have someone lose the ball and chase all the way back.

You will have to depend on yourself to dribble past players. The AI do not have the initiative to do that for you.

Development Of Your Player

When you just started, you will not jump into league games straight away. Instead, they will throw you to play with your teammates in a training match. Depending on your match ratings, the maximum training matches you are forced to play will be 9. If you play well, you will just need around 5 matches to move on to the real games.

Boring Training Matches – Bear With It! Image credit: Konami

Throughout your career, you will gain two types of experience points, Match Experience Points, and Strength Experience Points. Match experience Points are only attributed to you after you played a game. Strength Experience Points will be gained throughout your career, even if you skipped matches. To ensure fast development, I will recommend you not to skip matches even if they are boring.

Play More Matches To Level Up. Image credit: Konami

There is an area called the Focus Point. It allows you to target the attributes where you wish to improve first. Personally, I focus on stamina and speed as I play in Midfielder. Midfielders make box to box run all the time, and stamina has to be high in order to last throughout the game. High speed allows me to sprint towards goal during attacks. If you play as a Forward, perhaps you want to ensure your power is high for powerful shots on goal.

Stamina And Speed Are Crucial. Image credit: Konami

How to ensure I get high match ratings?

For strikers, just score goals and you will get high match ratings. As for other players, good accurate passes will get you a decent rating. Occasionally, try a few long shots at goal.

How to get skill cards in Become A Legend

The type of skill cards you get in PES Become a Legend depends on your position, our performance, and your stats. There will be a higher chance of unlock a sliding tackle if you are a DMF, or a 1-on-1 finish if you are a striker. You will unlock a skill card once a related stats hit a certain level. E.g You may obtain the Penalty Taker Skill card once your shooting accuracy hits 90.

But you will not get all the cards, and there is no point in getting all as well. You won’t need ‘Chasing Back’, ‘Overlapping Run’, ‘Dummy Runner’ etc as you are in full control of the player, and it is up to you whether you wish to chase back or overlap on the flanks.

To beat your marker, you may want some flashy tricks skill cards to help you. To unlock them, you will need to have a high stats in Technique, and I think Reaction will helps too. Focus on improving your passing stats and you will unlock the Passer skill card as well.


Image credit: Konami

During every transfer window, there will at least be one new offer for you to join another club. You can either move or stay with your current club. Although playing with weak teams is very boring, do resist the urge to change club too often, especially in the first season. There is no point as you will only get offers from other weak teams. Why not stay in one club which you are familiar with the players and playing style, and play well enough to grow your stats and reputation.

There will be more offers from team in your league than foreign teams. Thus if you want to play for an Italian giant in the future, perhaps you might want to start your career in Italy, and the offers will come sooner.


Become a legend is a new and exciting game mode. I hope you have found this guide useful.

Main image credit: Konami


  1. Avatar

    how do you get another team with you on training?

  2. Avatar

    How do you get skill cards, like 1 vs 1 finisher

  3. Avatar

    can you tell me what raises accuracy for both shot and pass in the player model ?

  4. Avatar

    Just wanted to know i final got a offer from liverpool but torres and gerrard was already sold on which i wasnt happy with so can i get a big club offer straight away and if yes how?

  5. Avatar

    Hi. I dont think we can get another team with us on training can we?

    To get skill cards in Become a Legend, it depends on your position as well as your stats. Once your stats reach a certain level, say 85 or 90, you will ‘unlock’ a related skill card. E.g Penalty Taker when your shooting accuracy hits 90.

    As for the teams, once you have big teams like Liverpool approaching you, you must be a star in the making already! Just wait till the next transfer window for the right offer! In the meantime you could just club hope to play with other teammates, as I usually get sick of a club after a while 🙂

  6. Avatar

    i just wanted to know that what we do with our match salary in ‘become a legend’ mode PES 2010??????

  7. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Abdul,
    Thanks for visiting my site! Online, it can be used to strengthen your Legends team or something. Offline, there isn’t really much use of it. But you can use it to guage the value the team place on you. If 2 teams are bidding for you, and 1 team offers a higher salary, it will mean that the team is going to play you earlier, and in your preferred position, rather than just chucking you into some empty space. Hopefully KONAMI may allow us to use the salary to purchase more player accessories, or spend it to go to the gym to increase our fitness, instead of just leaving the salary there and doing nothing, haha.

  8. Avatar

    Hey Neo,

    Excellent site. I’m kinda new to BAL, and I’m trying to understand how my stats are progressed. At 17 (CMF), I was signed by Sunderland (Wearside – rank 41) and it seemed regardless of how crap I played, my stats increased quite significantly. I stayed for 2 seasons, in which we qualified for europa in the first, then won it in the 2nd as well as the premiership. Funny though, by this time I’ve noticed that my stats weren’t increasing as much as it did in the 1st season. I jumped ship to Villareal (rank 6) next season, and to my surprise, most games I played, despite an average 7.0 rating, I was getting next to no match exp points (maybe 1 or 2%), relying only on my focus points to progress. Only with big teams do I get the customary 5-6%, and as expected I got a 20% increase in my shooting stats when scoring a last minute winner against Real Madrid.

    My question is this: does stat increase slow with age? Or is it a product of my being part of a high ranking team, and as such we are expected to thrash lower ranking teams without much reward in stats? I’m seriously considering joining a crap team next season (after taking the champions league of course :p) just to see if my stats improve at a faster rate.

    Anyway, thanks in advance for your advice. It’d be awesome if you could do a piece on stats progression (maybe if you could get the source code from konami, lol!) and ratings. That’s another part of the game without rhyme or reason. I could have 2 goals 2 assists defensive rating A on the winning team and finish the game at 6.5 while the losing striker gets no goals and a 7.5.

    There I go again, haha. Thanks for your time buddy!

  9. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Micheal,

    Thanks for your complement! And great questions you posted!

    From what I know, stats will improve gradually over time, no doubt. The stats that increases will depend on your chosen position, as well as the position your team plays you in. And when you perform brilliant in games such as score goals and make assists, the relevant stats will increase, such as shooting and passing. And when you make good headers, your heading will increase no doubt.

    I think you do not have to worry about which team you are playing, just join your favourate teams or do club hopping if you get bored easily, because ultimately, with consistent performance, you will become a star player with brilliant stats, for you to enjoy your BAL!

    Oh yes match ratings has always been a mystery. Goals and assists will boost ratings, but if the goals are penalties, it wont help the ratings by much. I believe that the more touches you have on the ball, and the more successful passes you make, the higher your ratings will be.

    All the tips in PESMastery are the results of my own experience playing the game, as well as sharing tips with friends both offline and online. It will be quite a challenge to get the source code from KONAMI haha, and I don’t really expect to, so I can stay unbiased and continue posting original tricks that I or other players find useful.

    Hope these helps!

  10. Avatar

    I’ve been using pes alot since pes 5. Become a legend on pes 2011 has the camera fixed on the ball, this is recent, I have done just over a half season where the camera, as normal, was fixed on the player (my player (the legend (bawbaggio))).

    I’ve done all the obvious ‘changes’ i.e. changed nothing, just checked everything’s right and then fucked around with shit to no avail.

    Am I fucked or is it the stupid game or the stupid xbox? Do you have any idea?

  11. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Tilly,

    Do you mean the camera is fixed on the ball instead of the player, when you have changed the settings?
    Oh, i am sorry to hear that. I did not experience this problem myself.
    Let me check it out for you and I will post a comment if I find anything useful.
    My apologies Tilly.


  12. Avatar

    Is there a possible way to change position in BaL in PES2010. I am currently playing CF and would like to change position to WF. It’s been about 5 years that i’m in BaL. I am currently playing in Arsenal and the coach put me on the wings, and i like it much better. Is there a way to change position from CF to WF?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Zed Author

    Hi Mario,

    There is an option for you to learn a new position in the training menu. Go to personal data, then training menu. Under choose position, you can select another position you wish to be good in. Allocate more focal points in this area to reduce the training time required. Try it 🙂


  14. Avatar

    Hi Neo,

    I’ve just started BAL, and my position is AMF. I have the ‘skill card’ Mazing Run, and my current acceleration and speed is 73 both. But unfortunately the exp points for these both stats doesnt seem to increase. In my training, i focus 3 points on speed. And after each and every game, my average dribbling distance is 150(I ran alot). But I don’t understand why exp points for speed stats doesn’t increase.

    Thank you in advance.

    P.S. Really GREAT site and I too think AMF is really interesting. =) *cheers*

  15. Avatar

    Hello, I’ve got few questions for the PES 2011 BAL.

    First, could you tell me which focus points affect which stats? I’m not talking about the obvious ones, but say: body balance, aggressiveness, technique, responsiveness, and such. It’s kind of hard if say I want to increase my respond time but don’t know which one to raise.

    Second, how do you play certain strategies (as a player), such as possession game (offensive.) I always try my best running for through pass, pass to the wings, do one two with striker partner, defend the half, etc. But sometimes coach says: a real let down, did NOTHING noteworthy lol. Could you explain please?

    Third, do fans number and popularity affect the game in general? I wonder why my fans number keeps going down, even though I won few awards and silverwares. Hmmm?

    Hopefully these questions could also help those curious people out there 🙂 And thank you in advance 😀

  16. Avatar

    I am in my third season on BAl and scored 34 goals in 35 games for Barcelona but for some reason they wont renew my contract WHY?????????

  17. Avatar

    Hi, quite an interesting site about PES stuffs you’ve got here.
    @Calvin: Based on my own experience, the focus point will not help to increase all attributes, for example, teamwork only increate if you do more passing, assist your team mate. It’s like when you go to gym to practise to increate your stamina, strength, but it has nothing to do with soccer so other stats will not increase. In order to increase other stats, the best way is to get on the field, play more soccers, try to get more touches. In the beginning, even if you wave your hand, the team mate will not always pass the ball to you, so the point here is you have to stand at the right position.
    As for second question, each strategy has its own requirement. For example: in quick counter, player need to pass the ball forward quick and accurately. So if you run behind your team mate, wave your hand, and he pass the ball to you, you and the team mate will fail. In possession, the most important is to keep the possession, dont ever pass the ball to opposition. if the strategy is Possession (OFF), you need to keep the ball around and look for open space to score, in (DEF), you just need to care about passing the ball…
    your popularity as well as manager rating will decise whether the club will renew your contract or not. If both ratings are going down, you better prepare yourself…

  18. Zed Neo Author

    Thanks for your advice!

  19. Avatar

    neo, I too wish to know more about individual attributes. My character is CF (getting tad bored but retraining for SS atm) and i’ve decent stats for 18. I understand what my player can do, which is the most important part of the game. However, when receiving the ball to feet, I am extremely slow to do anything with it. Unless i have stacks of space to run into, I very rarely beat a man.

    I’ve convinced myself this is due to low responsiveness. It’s only 61 and isn’t improving quickly at all. I understand it’s a bit of a ‘mental’ stat and will improve with age and experience, but it’s really starting to bother me that my player is useless under the slightest bit of pressure from defenders. any advice? is there a training stat to improve to focus on responsiveness? thanks in advance, this is a pretty good, informative post 🙂

  20. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Jarvis,

    I guess this is part and parcel of the game. However, i would like to mention that, not just for your player, other players in normal game mode will tend to underperform when they face pressure from defenders as well. Thus, what I do is to shake off the pressure by turning away in another direction, before making a pass or taking a shot to increase my accuracy and power.

  21. Avatar

    what I know, some attributes increase a little when you put some focus points in specifics status, like POWER and DEFENCE give you BODY BALANCE and so , anyone know is there a guide or something with this info? BAL 2011

  22. Avatar

    Can anyone let me know if i need to swap my focus points about after every game to increase my attributes or do i just keep them the same throughout the season and then change them?

  23. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Mark,

    Personally for me I will just set them once and forget about it, unless some players are really poor in shooting, then I will return to alter a little.

  24. Avatar

    I was wondering if there is a way to ensure that your player starts the game? My player has been send on sometime in the second half for two very important games (league and UEFA final) and the team has no chance without him, so I’m getting really annoyed because I want to win obviously. I haven’t figures out how to do it – also I played well so far, scored every game etc so no idea why suddenly i don’t start the game – what can I do? thanks

  25. Zed Neo Author

    Hi toutou,

    I apologise as I am not really an expert with Become A Legend. Perhaps any reader can assist?

  26. Avatar

    Hy Neo! I’ new to BAL in PES 2011 and I wonder if you could help me understand how Teamwork stat is influenced… I always get stuck at around 58 (I’m AMF and some time I would really like to become captain of my team) and after this ledge it seams not to increase at all… If I remain devoted to my club (Manchester City) will it increase i time? Thanks in advance… great job with the site 😀

  27. Avatar

    Hi, Great site!

    I need to know if you can create a player in the edit mode and use him for Bal.

  28. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Wilson,

    Personally I am not sure about that. I tend to play Master League more and find that if I were to skip matches, my players will not develop much so it might work the same way for Become A Legend.

  29. Avatar

    I know im like 2 years late but how do you train your player in bal mode

  30. Zed Neo Author

    Hmm.. sorry about that I do not play BAL much so cant really say much!

  31. Avatar

    hey mate my bal in pes2010 is having a problem. After creating the player and all, the game crashed … I really wanted to play this ,, everyother mode is working well .. Any help

  32. Zed Neo Author

    Oh I am sorry man, can’t really help as I don’t play BAL much.

  33. Avatar

    How to improve weak foot accuracy , weak foot use and player form? Is there anyway?

  34. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Saamy,

    I did a quick research on the internet and think that these ratings goes up gradually after a few seasons, maybe increase by 1 every 3 seasons. It is a bit slow, but realistic I guess, since the maximum rating is 8 and the player’s career is just around 20 years.

  35. Avatar

    Hi, awesome site

    I’m playing BAL on PES 2012
    And its really irtatting that they keep subbing me off, is there any way that I can turn the sub off or any advice to let me play the full 90

    Thanks in advance!

  36. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Joel,

    I dont think you can do that as you will get sub out when your stamina gets low. I think the only way is to increase your player’s stamina over time, and sprint less during the match to conserve energy and last the whole game.

  37. Avatar

    hi ,bro .why my player balanced has become awful but i just 27 years old.its i have to retire or i can do something to perform it?tq

  38. Zed N Author

    Hi Kamarul,

    I have no experienced such a case, but felt that players generally increase in ratings overtime as long as you play often and play well in games. Think you should keep on playing for half to 1 more season and see how it goes from there. Might be just a minor blip.

  39. Avatar

    thanks bro for your advice.i just adjust my training and my my player become a star yet again.i also rarely injured.god bless you

  40. Zed N Author

    Hi Kamarul,

    I didn’t advise much, but glad to hear that everything is well!

  41. Avatar

    How can you change roles to like CB or WB or DMF? Like change your preferred role so your club places you there

  42. Avatar

    how can i change my club in bal pes 2013 and improve my development progress

  43. Avatar

    I am at my third year in the game with more than 100 goals. I am currently at East London. I want to join Barcelona but i dunno in which league its present. How to find it. Plz help me.

  44. Avatar

    I am at my third year in the game with more than 100 goals. I am currently at East London. I want to join Barcelona but i dunno in which league its present in. How to find it. Plz help me

  45. Avatar

    How To Get High Match Experience Points ?

  46. Avatar

    How can i retire from pes 17 at become a legend? I didn’t find any retirement option in the game.

  47. Avatar


    I believe the retire option will come up infe you reach a certain age. 27 – onwards I believe.

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