PES Corner Taking Guide

It is very hard to score from PES corners. Defenders are usually marking tightly, and there is no sure way of scoring from corners, as every corner is different. Players positioning are different, their runs are random, so you will never know for sure which player is in which position. This chapter here will make your corner taking much easier. These 12 PES tricks will ensure you cross the ball to the desired position you want to in the box.

Image credit: Konami

3. Gauge your power accordingly (more than half) to deliver the ball beyond the center of the box to the far post.

4. You can evade a sea of players and cross to the far side by going for a for a high arc corner kick (Special Control x 2) when powering up.

5. Pressing Up while taking the corner leads to a more powerful cross. Pressing Down will lead to a grounder cross.

6. Vary between inswinging and outswinging corners, and change corner taker at times. I find that outswinging leads to better goal scoring chances.

Image credit: Konami

7. Use the PES radar to spot unmarked players, or teammates running in. Watch the box to spot tall players positioning. They are the ones who pose the greatest threat to goal.

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9. Always attempt to cross into space for attackers to run onto.

10. Use PES special control (R2) to control player to attack ball while ball is in air.

11. You can try a short pass to a player for him to cross in first time into the box. You can surprise the defenders with this fluid move.

12. Lastly, don’t waste your corner by pumping the ball across the goal line from the corner flag.

Corner Wasted. Image credit: Konami

Main image credit: Konami