How To Score From Free Kicks In Every Position

Scoring from free kicks in a PES match is absolutely satisfying. Although practise is the best way to find out the best way to score with a certain player, we definitely do not have the luxury of time, nor the patience to do that. I would like to provide you with some guidelines to shorten your time in the PES training arena.

Direct Free Kicks

Less than 30 metres to goal, straight at goal.

Free Kick Straight At Goal. Image credit: Konami

a. To execute a shot over the wall and away from the keeper,
choose a free-kick taker with high free kick accuracy and swerve.

( SHOOT, then DOWN + X) Power just below half.

DOWN + X is for top spin, allowing the ball to clear the wall and spin back down.

b. For a powerful shot straight past the keeper.
Aim towards the corner the keeper is at, away from the wall.
Free-kick taker with high power and shot accuracy.

(SHOOT, then UP + Triangle) Power just below half.

c. A powerful ground shot could be used if you anticipate the wall would be jumping.

Aim at the wall, away from the keeper.

(DOWN + LOB) Full power.

Less than 30 metres, left side of goal.

Use a right footer when free-kick at left side, and vice-versa.
Free-kick taker strong in Free-kick accuracy, swerve.

(SHOOT, then LEFT + X) Power slightly more than half.

LEFT + X is for left curl.

Image credit: Konami

Aim over wall, away from keeper. Free-kick taker with high free-kick accuracy, power and shot accuracy.

(SHOOT, then DOWN + x) Power slightly more than half.

2 Man free-kick

You can opt for a 2 man free-kick (L1+R1).

a. Using the 2nd man to take the kick would surprise the goalkeeper (L1 + free-kick technique). The keeper will stand rooted to the ground.

Ensure 2nd man standing on right side of the ball if he is a left footer and vice versa.

2 Man Free Kick To Surprise The Keeper. Image credit: Konami

b. When your team has a player with a powerful shot, use the 2 man indirectly free-kick to set up a shot (L1 + PASS for the layoff pass, followed by SHOOT).

Image credit: Konami

Indirect Free Kicks

 If crossing is preferred to shooting, use any footer player regardless of side and distance.

When free-kick is close to 40metres,

Cross in an indirectly free-kick. Free-kick taker with high long pass speed and accuracy

Inswinging or Outswinging, power around 5/8.

Pressing UP while charging power would lead to a faster ball.

When free-kick is close to 40metres.

Cross in an indirectly free-kick. Free-kick taker with high long pass speed and accuracy

Inswinging or Outswinging, power around 5/8.

Pressing UP while charging power would lead to a faster ball.

Aim For An Unmarked Teammate. Image credit: Konami

When free kick is along the goal line, attempt to look for unmarked players to head the ball in.

Image credit: Konami


Use a variety of these techniques to pose a threat during every free kick.

Main image credit: Konami


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    I will say the PC and console versions are similar.
    Different players have their own style of freekicks, which makes it more realistic.
    But basically the concept of scoring from freekicks are the same.

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    the 2 man free kick is usefull at short distance for the power shot. aim for the far corner (opposite to the wall) then hold L1 up square jst below half and press triangle. Choose powerfull kicker works really well as the keeper runs the wrong way expecting a pass

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    Yes I agree man!
    This trick works very well as the keeper is caught off guard 🙂

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    i’m having trouble getting it over the wall the ball is either over powered or rammed into the wall

  5. Zed Author

    Hi rakan,

    Try powering up and releasing the shoot button just before the middle of the bar, that works for most situations.
    Hope it works for you!

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    how do u hit a knuckle ball free kick in pc … plz help me by sending a pc link

  7. Zed Author

    Hi Fazl,

    I have done at post on Knuckleshot, perhaps you would like to check that out?

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    lagale pes.
    Any1 can challenge me if u have power.

    Lagale pes.

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    I can only pass the wall when the foul is at a short distance by pushing the down button. Otherwise it never works.

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