PES Defending – Knock Him Down

If they can’t score, you can’t lose. We win matches by outscoring the opponent. Why not make the job easier by not allowing them to score. Here we look at one effective way to defend in PES without even using the tackle button.

The Rock Solid Defensive Partnership

In your central defence, no matter how many defenders we play, it is advisable to have both kinds of defenders, a tall and strong one, and a fast one. If you are playing with 2 Central Defenders, this partnership will be recommended. If you are playing with 3 Central Defenders, the central one should tall and strong, flanked by two fast partners.

Stronger defenders are able to out-muscle strikers easily. They win all kinds of aerial balls pumped into the box. Use Special Control when the ball is in the air to get into a good defensive position to clear the ball. His strength will allow him to win the aerial challenge.

This partnership allow us to overcome all sorts of attacks easily.


And you can use PES Super Cancel to knock a dribbler off the ball.
Here’s how. Simply hold R1+R2 to activate Super Cancel. You will have full control of your player. Use your player and run into your opponent. Preferably, use a strong defender and barge into a smaller opponent to knock him off the ball.

We can use this in two ways. The first way is to run into the ball carrier to dispossess him of the ball. The second way is when we are chasing down a loose ball with an opponent, the super cancel can be used to obstruct the path of our opponent. If we are slightly ahead of him, we can use the super cancel and run into his path, push him away from the ball, so as to allow us to get the ball easier.

Take a look at how Glen Johnson disposseses KaKa.

Image credit: Konami

And just in case you miss the tackle, you will have your fast defenders to cover you in the box.

This is quite an interesting, unorthodox way of winning back possession of the ball. Using the tackle button too often may lead us to concede fouls, free kicks and penalties. The use of Super Cancel serves as a good back up option.

Hope you find this trick useful. Leave a comment below and let me know.

Main image credit: Konami


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    hi i am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and i am one off greatest players here in Sarajevo i known most of the tricks u shown here except momentum off win
    i have one question is there any world cup in the world for pes players and what is needed to create a pes Bosnian team of players to compete in that championship becouse there is a lot of great players here in Bosnia

  2. Zed Author

    Hi Sanidinho,

    Wow! Really an honour for you to visit my site, and commenting as well. Thanks for ‘endorsing’ my tricks, haha. In the PES 2010 main menu, by going to the online menu, i think you should be able to register for a KONAMI ID to participate in online competitions. If you wish to play in the major offline competitions, I think KONAMI does not organise any. Unlike EA Sports where they have yearly FIFA Interactice World Cup to put the world’s best players together to compete, KONAMI provides Online Competitions in the comfort of your homes. Perhaps they lack the resources or can’t be bothered to organise any?

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    thanks for answering my question your site is faboulus and i like it its just great for playing online i have to get orginal cd but i think that ill wait for 2011 that is coming son thanks for all but wouldnt be great that there is somwhere a pes world cup that is samting to discuss with people in konami could we contact them somehow to try to organise something like that

  4. Zed Author

    Hi Sanidinho,

    No problem at all, my pleasure. Thanks for finding my site useful. Yes indeed if KONAMI wishes to make PES really big, they have to start organising such worldwide tournaments, don’t you agree? Well, contacting them might be possible, but I am sure they have their marketing plans set up for the future, and listening to feedbacks from fans is something they seldom do.. judging from the several complains about the PES gameplay over all these years that are still unresolved!

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    is it a problem to add me in friend list on msn so we can talk about it sometimes and exchange any news that we have. Curently i am playing to cups
    in pes here in sarajevo one that we are playing is with clubs and second one is world cup where i got to play with serbia because of draw and in the first one i camed ino 16 best players of 134 whic was on the opening last year i hawe won the biggest tournament in BiH i hope that i could won something this year and after that try something with konami people to whom i send an email and i am expecting a aswer in next few days

  6. Zed Author

    dude u are awesome man, way to go, keep it up! i will add u with my hotmail account, and will drop u an email. i hope u get a favorable reply from KONAMI !

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    Hello. I need help.i love pes and i would like to play good defence but i can’t- for example super cancel i don’t know when use and for how long??
    for example if somebody run and dribble messi,ronaldo,kaka,rooney i can’t stop it-sometimes they can dribble half stadium one player and i don’t know how stop it-especially in box is terrible-i dont know how play defence-please help me- i would like to learn-Thank You very much.

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    Eu acho este site muito bom to precisando de melhorar minha defesa e vou usar estas tecnicas no pes 2011 online valewww

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    Omg! Thank you so much for the trick. I’ve been pissed off for a month. I played with my friends and he ran behind me when I’m dribbling Suddenly, he tackle me from behind without foul I ‘ve been tried to run away from him but it’s not work. Is that the same trick that he using on me? Finally., I found that what he has done to me. LOL

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    Please I am johnson my friend always run into me by getting the ball out of my legs imagine common Cahill can just disposes Ronaldo please how can I make my defensea strong one?

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    Anytime i use the first pad in pes2016 my shoot always hit d bar

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    hello guy will love to have u guys with me either on whatsapp or any other social networks pls guys

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    am Afolabi, am from nigeria , I love this trick and am so happy , but please I need more tricks to learne Bcox am the best in our state here but suddenly a guy came and he started shooting shot from nowhere and enter my net freely , even if the ball is going out , it will curve and enter my net , and this guy is now the champion , please I need to learne tricks so that I can destroy him , smiles , pls reply me or text me on whatsapp , thanks bro #ONE_LOVE

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    I am tunaposky by name
    I love pes very much and I am in need of how to defense .please help me

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    Just keeping it basic, how can one tackle effectively. I’m on PS2 PES 2014, but no matter which one I play, the system opponents keep knocking me off the ball, my passes are not crisp, my players add extra time wasting moves just to receive a pass. … It’s frustrating to say the least

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    Pls what cheat codes do i press to get a stronger team when pressing random

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    Pls I really need to know more skills and
    how to mark very well.

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