PES 2010 Raves

Now, we have been playing PES 2010 for around 10 days. I would like to say that it is awesome! Worth the wait I would say.

Do you think that there is a slight improvement in the gameplay, or graphics? As compared to previous versions, something has definitely changed. I could not accurately pinpoint it out. Please enlighten me.

I jumped into trying out the UEFA Champions League, and won it with Roma.

The reason I played this first is to accumulate enough PES points to unlock the ‘Master League Structure’ in PES Shop.


So that when I play Master League, I can edit the structure, and do not have to start from divison 2!

I recommend this move to everyone. I am sure you do not want to wait for the 3rd season to arrive before playing Champions League football.
By then you might have already got bored of your team!

In this season, the league structure are all preset well with teams from all 5 major leagues! Save you the hassle of painstakingly creating leagues by leagues. Besides that, you get to play the transfer window right from the start! Just like in real life, the transfer window would be available for the first month of the new season.

This game is improving in realism in all areas. It is exciting times for PES.