PES 2010 Arrives

Dear all PES players, congratulations, for the long wait is over! PES 2010 has arrived and is out on all platforms now!


Konami gave the visuals on the Menu a brand new look, which is rather expected. You would find that the fonts are smaller, neater now.
And UEFA Champions League is available! Dive into the competition from the Main Menu, or in the Master League.

The pre-match visuals of team names and in-match menu all look fabulous with Champions League style.

Game Modes

Become a Legend mode is still available in PES 2010. And in addition there is a new Legends mode. On the looks of it, it seems you can use your Become a Legend Mode players to play Ad Hoc with your friends. Correct me if I am wrong on this one. This prospect looks interesting.

PES 2010 also includes the usual stuff of Edit mode, training, and PES Shop.
PES shop is no different from previous versions, earning points to unlock players with weird names, classic national teams, goal celebrations and the usual stuff. Most of the players to be unlocked are similar to PES 2009, so you might want to refer to my list of players real names from PES 2009.

Game Play

I had just played a couple of games. The gameplay feels around the same as PES 2009. I did a couple of tricks and find that the secrets to winning your opponent are close to PES 2009. You might want to refer to my tips on various components of the game.

Those of you who recently played FIFA 2010, myself included, might need one or two games to adjust back to PES 2010. After that, you should have no problem playing and enjoying the game.

The bug on activating in-game tactics, such as Counter Attack, Change Sides etc, have been fixed. Now you are able to see what tactics you have activated by pressing (Select + Direction) button in a match.

As I continue playing PES 2010, I would be sharing additional tips and tricks on the game. If you have any tips, please comment and share them with me, and everyone else. Thank you in advance, and let’s head straight to the field!

Main image credit: Konami