PES Condition

Over all these years, condition arrows have been an essential part of PES. Top Condition Arrows transforms normal players to superstars, while Poor Condition Arrow reduces your star players to ordinary men.

In this post, you will find out how to achieve top condition for your team and maintain them.

Team Performance and Morale

Team morale in PES has a direct impact on players’ condition arrow. Team morale is affected by the performance of your team. Good results and performance from your players will lead to an improvement in the condition arrow, while poor performance result in poor condition arrow.

Thus, to improve on your players’ condition, you will have to put in good performances in your upcoming match. Once you achieved a victory, you will notice an improvement in the condition arrow after the match, especially for the goal scorers.

Of course, to maintain the top condition, you just have to put in consistent performance. Playing a player in top condition give rise to better performance, which in turn maintains his top condition. Thus, always field players when they are on form.

Normal/ Poor Condition Arrows due to poor performances. Image credit: Konami
Top Condition Arrows after consistent good performances. Image credit. Konami

Athletic Trainer

Another way to improve your team’s condition is through the hiring of a top level Athletic Trainer. Hire the best Athletic Trainer for the best result on your team’s condition.

Image credit: Konami

Let me know if these work for you!

Main image credit: Konami