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    i want to congratulate you about the video you made for the japanese affected by the tsunami and earthquake…you must be a great person.keep doing the same work neo you are doing great

  2. Zed Author

    Thanks Alexandros,

    That is just my simple way of paying tribute 🙂

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    the pens were a bit simple, but it works. Was this on Top Player?

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    Neo, i was struggling to win games in my Master League, even with teams that were far below me, i just couldn’t create chances. Then i found this site and my way to play the game totally changed. After following your advices played two games and scored 6 goals and also created a lot of good oportunities.

    Thank you for saving me hahaha.

    Also, please make a post about dribbling. I’m finding too hard to pass the defenders, even with fast players.

  5. Zed Author

    Hi Palestrino,

    Glad to be of help! Sure I am working on that!

  6. Zed Neo Author

    oh yes it is. Yeap the chip penalty were simply i have to admit.

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