PES Management Edit

In PES 2011, there is a new option for us to customize our tactics – The Management Edit.

Basically, this PES option allow us to allocate gameplay tactics at different time frames, according to the situation of the match. It is a rather good option for you to set your PES tactics beforehand, so you do not have to activate on-the-fly tactics manually during the match.

In this post, I will share you with the uses of each strategy, as well as share with you the management plan which I found effective in PES 2011.


Image credit: Konami

Long Ball – Play long balls to launch quick counter attacks.

Quick Counter – Pressing opponents in their half and attempt to win the ball back quickly.

Possession Game (Offensive) – Players move into position to keep possession, play a patient game to split the defence.

Possession Game (Defensive) – Players keep possession to drag time.

All out attack – Mad rush forward.

Swap Wings – Players move to opposite flank, allowing you to switch flank and continue the attack.

CB Overlap – Select one Centre-Back to make forward runs.

Note that Offside trap, and Custom Settings A/B are not available in Management Edit.

When the scores are level.

Image credit: Konami

As seen in the diagram, the plan is broken up into 15 minutes interval, with two rows. The upper row will be given priority. When the scores are level, it is important not to rush your attacks. Thus majority of the plan is focused on Offensive Possession Game. Quick Counter and long balls are set as second priority, to provide variation to your PES game.

In the first and last 15 minutes, I recommend an All Out Attack strategy. In the beginning of the match, an all out attacking plan will surprise opponents. Your players are full of energy and it will be to your advantage to earn a few shots on goal, which will set the momentum for you throughout the game.

In the last 15 minutes, throw in some substitutions, and go for the all out attack again. Your opponents will be tired, and might not be able to cope with your fresh attackers. Furthermore, a goal scored in this period of time will leave your opponents with little time to reply. I have also allocated the CB Overlap as second priority in the last 15 minutes to put more pressure on the opponents.

When you are trailing

Image credit: Konami

When you are trailing in PES, the most important thing is to regain possession. Quick counter is essential as players will pressure opponents to win the ball back quickly, allowing you to launch counter-attacks.

Swap wings is used towards the end of the game to change your style of playing. Afterall, there is no point sticking to the same strategy for the entire game if it does not work.

And when all else fails, the combination of All Out Attack and CB Overlap in the last 15 minutes will put tremendous pressure on your opponents.

When you are leading

Image credit: Konami

Leading in PES is a tricky situation. Even if you have a 3 goals advantage, your opponents might still mount a comeback by taking advantage of the match momentum. The main strategy now will be to retain possession, draw opponents towards you, and exploit any gaps. I use a mix of Quick Counter, Offensive Possession, and Long Ball in this case.

I find Defensive Possession Game ineffective, thus I did not use it.

And this concludes my management edit plan in PES 2011. Let me know your plan too!

Main image credit: Konami


  1. Avatar

    Hey, nice page! I’ve been playing PES and/or winning eleven for the last 11-12 years (its hard to remember when was the first time now!), and just found out about you website.

    I have two questions:

    – Why are there some protected articles? is there any way one can get the password for this articles?

    – What’s that match momentum I’ve seen on some of your articles? how does it work?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Zed Author

    Hi Pablouv,

    thanks! Yes KONAMI has come a long way! You are right, it is around 11-12 years, or even more!

    Regarding the protected articles, you can simply enter ur email address on the right to receive the password! And these articles cover the match momentum which i believe plays an important role during a PES Match!

    Take a look when you received the mail!

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    And btw, does this management edit cater to all teams that I’m using? Thanks.

  4. Avatar

    And… if we use an in-match strategy -those with the xBox icons- in combination with these, what happens? which are the prevailing? Thanks!

  5. Zed Author

    Hi Toni,
    Thanks for your question.. My apologies for not clarifying.. I m quite sure that the xbox icons strategy takes priority over management edit, as on several occasions when I activate CB overlap with the icons, I can see my centre back charging up the field immediately. Hope this helps!

  6. Zed Author

    Hi Vas,

    My apologies, I will ensure you receive an email soon!
    And every team has their default management edit which KONAMI feels suit the team style.
    The plan ni this post is what I use for my Master League ROMA team.
    I feel it is useful, thus would like to share with you all.
    Try it and let me know what you think?


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    Hi Zed, got another question. I’m using Spurs in WE11 but I always face strong teams like R.Madrid and Barca who has really fast players. Do you recommend using offside trap as a strategy?

  8. Zed Author

    Hi Vas,

    Oh you must have love the license for Spurs this season.
    For me, I do not use offside as I seldom see any effect.
    Thats in my opinion.
    Usually, I will use Man Marking.
    I recommend for you to mark two of their best/ fastest players with a defender thats close to them.
    E.g I will mark Messi with my LB and Villa with my CB.
    For Madrid I will mark Ronaldo and perhaps their CF.

    In addition, when playing them, I usually will avoid using my defenders to attack for fear of being caught on the counter attack.
    And in setpieces, under ‘Players to Join Attack’, I will not select anyone.
    These are just some of my tactics for you to consider ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope it works!


  9. Avatar

    Yes. Was pleased that Spurs is 1 of the licensed team but I did download an option file to fix the rest of the teams too. Now I have a fully licensed WE11. ^^

    Will definitely try your advice and report back. Thanks again.


  10. Avatar

    Hi Zhiwei, I tried the man marking and I kinda of improve. I beat a couple of higher ranking pts players after using it. On a 5 match winning streak now.

    Another problem I faced is people editing the position of their strikers. How do you counter players who pushes their strikers till the end? I tried pulling back my central defenders a little more, it seems to work though I still get caught out at times. What’s your opinion and advice that you can give me?

  11. Avatar


    What`s the best formation to counter a 4-3-3 specially with defensive teams (like Italy).

    Some ideas?



  12. Zed Author

    Hi AJ,

    For me, i think that you should counter a 4-3-3 with a 4-3-3. Basically, you man mark 2 of their key players, preferably the CF, as well as either an SS or the AMF. Next, you should have a fast attacker at your flanks, to play a counter attack, targeting your opponent’s sideback, and either play crosses in, or to cut in and shoot.

    Italy have powerful center forwards so I will recommend sending in crosses during counter attacks.

    I hope you find this useful!


  13. Zed Author

    Hi Vas!

    Glad that man marking works for you!
    For mer, I will employ man marking for their strikers, thats for sure.
    However, I do not change my tactics for that.
    I think you will need to apply Jockey Stance during defending, to anticipate through passes to their strikers and cut them out.
    Of course that is easier said than done, but i think altering your tactics too much will affect your gameplay more.

    Just for considerations ๐Ÿ™‚


  14. Avatar

    Hi Neo

    I was wondering what formation you are using these management settings with? I am currently 4-2-3-1 do you think these settings will be suitable?



  15. Avatar

    arite man i was just wondering do u efit the team style and wat would u say is the best style and i am waiting to recieve ur copy also great work m8

  16. Avatar

    so let me get this right these level trailing and winning tactics that u have put on here are the ones u use they are alot diffent from peel stands for pes europe elite league but i think urs play better

  17. Zed Author

    Hi Frank,

    I am using a 4-3-3 with these settings.
    In my opinion, 4-2-3-1 is pretty similar to 4-3-3, why not your try to push your 2 wingers up front a little to make it 3 forwards?
    Let me know if it works for you!


  18. Zed Author

    Hi Dez,

    These are the strategies which I find useful, thus wish to share them with you guys to consider. Hope you will find them useful in your game!


  19. Avatar

    Thanks Neo
    i did i played 5 games last nit online may i add and ur management tactics are great i use barca defualt formation but with spurs team style i was just wondering do u edit the team style

  20. Zed Author

    Hi Dez,

    Usually I do not edit the team style if the formation is working well. A few occasions, I may increase the settings for players to interchange position, but thats about it. Just my opinion for your considerations ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. Avatar

    hi, how do you activate the management edit?

  22. Zed Author

    Hi Sameer,

    To do so, simply go to your game plan, and find the option of management edit in the icons below the graphics for your positioning of players. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Avatar

    ok thanks, but wanted to know if all the strategies are triggered automatically or you have to press a button to trigger them.
    Like when I am playing against my friend, and that i have already created my strategies, I thought that there was something to press so that all strategies are included in my game.

  24. Avatar

    Hi Neo

    Ideally, I would opt for 4-3-3 but I have only recently started playing Master League online and I am constantly up against opponents playing 4-3-3 with the likes of Ronaldo and Messi in their sides.

    My team consists of mainly ML default players and I have suffered some harsh defeats playing too offensively. I have found that flooding the midfield and playing quick-counter is quite effective when up against opponents with a strong line-up.

    I would definitely recommend these management settings as they have been working nicely for me but I would advise people that playing the long ball is useless unless you have a target man and likewise with CB overlap if you have Valeny and Stremer in your side (liabilities).

    Thanks again


  25. Zed Author

    Hi Frank,

    I am glad these settings are working fine for you!
    Thanks for contributing your advice too!
    Ideally, when playing long balls, you should have a strong target man, though at times I will also play with a fast striker to chase down long balls. And with CB Overlap, preferably play with an agile defender for better options upfront. In addition, he can drop back to defence quickly as well.

    Thanks for the comment Frank!


  26. Zed Author

    Hi Sammer,

    You are welcomed. Under management edit, they will be triggered automatically so you dont have to press any button ๐Ÿ™‚
    It is more convenient for us dont u think?
    Hope you are doing well!


  27. Avatar


    thanks for your site and effort!

    I have a question: if you select some players in โ€˜Players to Join Attackโ€™ – will they join attack ALWAYS, regardless other conditions like manual Atk/Def level?

    Thanks a lot

  28. Zed Author

    Hi Jeff,

    When you select the players, they will join in the attack during set pieces, during attacking free kicks and corner kicks. I believe the Atk/ Def level does not matter. Correct me if I am wrong!


  29. Avatar

    Hi Guys.
    There is so llitle good tactical site for Pes users, that i simple cant belive that!

    This page is so fantastic! I actualy ask Neo for some tactic for ARSENAL. I know Neo Page almost from the begining and i used from his advice in las Pes version, so i cant wait for this Arsenal thoughs.

    CHEERS for all you Guys !

  30. Avatar

    hi! can you put what kind of style of game do you use please??
    the style of game changes the managment edit that you use??

  31. Avatar

    hey how do i do to attack and then to make my players defend and come back quiclky???

  32. Avatar

    Hi Neo,
    I want to ask u a few question regarding with the spain team..I want to ask what is the best formation for spain team? and i found that hard to defend in the spain team because the defensive line is high..can u tell me what is the best strategy also for spain?please neo,coz i’m going to a competition in this few weeks..

  33. Zed Author

    Hi Lucho,

    I am sorry as i don’t quite get you. Do you mean the style as in setting wise? Or the style that I play? Usually I play with short passes, triangular passes, and making use of the wings to send in crosses. At times, I try a few high long balls from defenders to find strikers, and i try to shoot a few long shots just to test the keeper. Is this what you meant?

  34. Zed Author

    Hi Lucho,

    For your players to defend, first you have to play them in defensive position, either CM or DM will be reasonable. This restricts their automatic attacking instinct. When you required, you can double tap R2 after they passed the ball, to instruct them to make forward runs. When their runs did not result in a returned pass, they will track back to their original position. So in this case, they will be in a more defensive position by default, and you will only instruct them to attack when required.

    I hope this helps?


  35. Zed Author


    Thanks for your question. Would like to share my opinions for your consideration. In Spain, the SBs are rather high so you can try pulling them a little down for a more balanced game. In addition, you can play Xabi Alonso as a DM. This adds more defending to your team, and his stats increases as well. I will play Xavi in CM, taking out Sergio Busquets. And I play Iniesta at the right side, and David Silva at the left. These two players have high speed and dribbling skills and you can use them to charge down the flanks. I tend to play with 1 SS and 1 CF, so I would put David Villa as the SS in this case. I usually play with 4-3-3 or 4-4-2. In my 4-4-2, I find that the combination of 1 CM, 1 DM, 2 SMF and 1 SS can play an array of passes to split the defence and send a through ball to the CF, in this case Torres. I wont use 4-3-3 for spain as Spain has too many good midfielders and we should try to play most of them. So these are what I recommend for Spain, What do you think?


  36. Zed Author

    Hey Marcin!

    How are you doing? Firstly, I have to apologise for the late reply! Was caught up with other work, and wanted to play more games with Arsenal in PES 2011, before giving you a reply.

    I tried out the original formation, the 4-5-1, and find that it plays ok. It allows you to counter attack fast, and make good use of wingers too. If you are sticking wit 4-5-1, here is my recommended starting lineup.
    Song – DM
    Rosicky and Cesc – CM
    Arshavin – LMF
    Walcot – RMF
    Van Persie – CF

    Rosicky and Cesc of course provides the passing, and take long shots. Walcott is awesome and charging down the wings. Arshavin is useful for cutting in from the left and shooting with his right foot. And I prefer Van Persie upfront for his powerful shots.

    I also use another formation, a 4-4-2, which you can test out. Basically it is pretty standard, with 2 CM, one positioned higher up, one lower, and instead of 2 CF, i play both SS, one higher one lower.

    Team Style Settings
    Player Support 15
    Support Range 10
    Position Switch 15
    Attacking Style 5
    Pressing 15
    Defensive Line 14
    Compactness 7.

    I play both Arshavin and Van Persie as the two SS. Cesc and Song in CM. Rosicky/ Nasri and Walcot on the flanks. I use alot of long through passes from Cesc, as well as using the wingers to charge upfield. And with 2 SS, your strikers will drop deep to receive the ball, before making forward runs. This helps you to spot late runs into the box to play through passes to. And when Van Persie drop back, you can use him to try long shot with his deadly left foot.

    Thats about all I have for Arsenal. I hope you find this useful!


  37. Avatar

    Hello, Neo! Your site is great! Please, keep up the good work!

    Man, please, give me a hand. I have a roster of players that I use to play against other 14 friends (each one have their own roster). My players are the following:

    GK: Buffon, D. James
    Defense: Pique, Spahic, Hangeland, Juan, Zokora, Cissokho, Wayne Bridge
    Midfield: Daniel Alves, De Rossi, W. Palacios, Diego, Riquelme, Stankovic, Simรฃo, Niang, C. Zanetti
    Offense: Arshavin, Defoe, Berbatov, Klose, Kuyt, Benayoun

    I’m currently playing 3-4-3 (Buffon; Hang, Juan, Pique; DMF De Rossi, CM Stankovic, LMF Simรฃo, RWB Dani Alves; LWF Arshavin, CF Berbatov, SS Defoe), I can defend well, but I can’t score!

    In your oppinion, which would be the best formation for a roster like that???

  38. Avatar

    Hi, well some screen shots of arsenal formation wud be appreciated ….

  39. Avatar

    Hi neo,

    Thanks for the advice.Yes i already try out the formation that u suggest and it works great!! I also wont play 4-3-3 formation because it will leave the midfield empty.but another things that i want to ask you is about the spain team style settings.Should i kept the team style or should i change? and what do i need to change? and the management edit,what is good for the team like Spain? can u help me Neo

  40. Avatar

    yes I mean the style settings (player support, etc?, I want to know how do I do to make my players come back to the defence quiclky when i loose the ball on the attack, and also i want to know how do I do to stop my defensive wings (example: maxwell, daniel alves etc) off going on the ofensive every time!!!

  41. Avatar

    hello there, i wanna ask about the defence, i find it difficult to defend, its kind of you can control the players well when an opponent is charging forward towards the goal, im playing with barca, i tweaked the team style and management but its only working when i go forward from the wings , the wingers are faster and take good positioning, but the defence is crap
    plz reply thanks

  42. Zed Author

    Hi Ramy,

    In my opinion, I tend to think that there will be a trade off between attack and defence. So to improve your defence, I suggest pulling your Full Back further back, and pulling your DM deeper into your half as well. And when playing the game, try not to get your defensive players to make forward runs. These are what I will do when I am defending a lead. As for the team style, I shall experiment with them and do up a post on it when I have results to show ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your feedback Ramy!


  43. Zed Author

    Sure, I will post some of them soon!

  44. Zed Author

    Hi there,

    You are welcomed. In my opinion, I play majority of my games with the team style and management edit settings that I posted. I think the main changes you should make to your management edit, is that when you should play “All out attack” during the first fifteen minutes, and “CB Overlap” in the last fifteen minutes when you are trailing in the game. I feel the “CB Overlap” is crucial in securing an equalise or a comeback win. The rest of the settings do not really matter in my opinion as it depends on how you play the game ๐Ÿ™‚


  45. Zed Author

    Hi Lucho,

    To stop your defensive wingers from going up, you have to pull them back more into your defensive half. And during the game, do not get them to make forward runs, meaning, not to double tap R2 after they pass the ball so they will not run forward, and will just stay around in their positions. As for the team style, perhaps you wish to try out the settings i posted in one of the comments in this post?

    Team Style Settings
    Player Support 15
    Support Range 10
    Position Switch 15
    Attacking Style 5
    Pressing 15
    Defensive Line 14
    Compactness 7

    It is working well for me. Will you like to try it out and let me know?


  46. Zed Author

    Hi there,

    As you mentioned, you can defend well, so i think your in game defending skills are good. Why not you try 4-3-3? Although this may seem more defensive than your current 3-4-3, however, in 4-3-3, your 2 SBs can help out in attack, which increases the number of your attackers.

    If i were you, I will try.
    LB – Cissokho
    CB – Pique and Juan
    RB – Daniel Alves
    CM – De Rossi and Stankovic as the more defensive guys, and Diego as the attacking AM.

    LWF – Arshavin
    RWF- Simao
    CF – Berbatov.

    I chose this lineup as i have played with some of the players. Pique and Juan are strong and good. Daniel Alves is a powerful RB. De Rossi is brilliant at playing through passes, and Diego can dribble all day long.
    Arshavin is good at cutting in from the left to shoot at goal. Simao can deliver great crosses from the flanks. Berbatov is tall to receive Simao’s crosses, at the same time packs a powerful shot from outside the box. Thus I chose them.

    My game play will be – Use Daniel Alves to make plenty of 1-2 passes and have him charge up the field. Use De Rossi to play through balls and long shots, do not use him to dribble. Similarly for Stankovic. For Diego, use him to dribble around, down the flanks if possible, just make him run around. Arshavin plays accurate through ball from the flanks too. As he is a right footer, use him to cut in and attempt random shots. For Simao, just charge down the flank to deliver ground crosses or high crosses. And when Berbatov has the ball outside the box and no defenders are around, try to aim for the lower far post.

    I hope it works for you!


  47. Avatar

    I probably just do not opierniczy company knows how to play, or the like, but what do I play with three strikers such as (LWF, CF, RWF), and goes counter to why I have a soccer player to attack is in place and looks out what I am doing no moves will not help even in the penalty area no one enters the sometimes like to play with someone like this is versus his players go out to their positions exhibitors will help him to my stand and doing nothing to get it?

    greet sorry for my English.

  48. Avatar

    Hey Your site is great! its really helpful
    can you help me . I have my own team to play with my friends . here are my players :

    GK: Julio Cesar, Given
    Defense: Nesta, Terry, Ivan Cordoba, Samuel, Maicon, chivu, Javier Zanetti
    Midfield: Sneijder, Cambiasso, Thiago Motta, Lampard, Essien, Stankovic
    Offense: RObben, Eto, drougra, Aneka, arguero, vanpirse, robinho, D milito

    Iโ€™m currently playing Real metrit formation 4-2-3-1
    GK julio cesar
    RB Maicon
    CB nesta , Terry
    LB chivu
    CM Essien, cambiasso
    RMF eto or agruero
    LMR robben or robinho
    AMF sneider or stankovic
    CF dougba or van pirse
    ,i keep on losing by 3 or more goals a match by the way im a rookie to this game
    In your oppinion, which would be the best formation for my team?
    i need your help Neo

  49. Avatar

    hey neo

    Thanks for this site man, some good stuff in here. In response to your above claim that possession game (DEF) is ineffective I think its a mistake to take it lightly. Playing master league online I found that 90% of people play three up front and everybody else defends, they then wait for you to attack and for their three wingers to get behind the side-backs. They then hope to get the ball and play it to one of theirs defensive mid fielders and hoof it to the wingers. Leaving you with a two against tree situation.

    When I started using possession game (DEF) the side-backs tend to stay back and even if you attack with one of them the other will stay, and therefore leaving you with a 3 on 3 situation which is much easier for you to defend against. In addition, I found the team to be allot more responsive to your opponents attacks. It would be a useful tactic for you to adopt this strategy while you are in the lead.

    bigron99 ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Avatar

    Hi Zed,Great info on this website, i played every pes and i like the detail you go into in this website. great work. i agree with almost everything you said about tactics and i see that you like to play possesion football considering your tactical aproach. cheers ! i also sent you my email adress to receive your mastery booster. thanks man.

  51. Zed Author

    Wow bigron99,

    Thanks for your advice!
    I do not usually use that so I am not sure about the effectiveness. Thank you for sharing this great tip!


  52. Avatar

    I found it effective. After implementing this tips, I can win the game easlily than before. Thank you for your tips..

  53. Avatar

    Hi neo.
    There is so llitle good tactical site for Pes users, that i simple cant belive that!

    This page is so fantastic! I actualy ask Neo for some tactic for LIVERPOOL. I know Neo Page almost from the begining and i used from his advice in las Pes version, so i cant wait for this LIVERPOOL thoughs.
    thaks man.

  54. Avatar

    Hi Neo,
    I want to ask you about the team Barcelona.I found out that Barcelona is a great team with great tactics.But i also found out that it is hard to defend because it’s defensive line is hig.So what should i do? change the defensive line to standatd or there is another good tactics that you have? Pls help me

  55. Zed Author

    Hi there!

    Thanks for your question.
    In my opinion, Barcelona is a very attacking team and its players suit the formation.
    To make it more defensive, I suggest you adjust the defenders to a position closer to the keeper.
    And you may have to play players who are have BAL or DEF under Attack/Defence Awareness in their stats.
    For more on this, you can refer to my post on this topic!

    Hope it helps!


  56. Avatar

    I prayed for help. I play PES 2011 on the network and simply can not fit my players how to play the press and not fall out as easily. If there is a proper solution to a assist.

  57. Avatar

    I always thought this didnt matter. chanched it once and i didnt see any differens

  58. Avatar

    if i use couter attack in managment edit and cb overlap in game plan by pressing select button which 1 will take effect? I mean using both managment edit and in game select button with x or O Etc is that going to mess up yer formation?

  59. Zed Author

    Hello, in my opinion, game plan by pressing select will have higher priority ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Avatar

    nice man. I have a cuestion how to defend better? i use to play with 4 cb but now a put 5 cb because is very difficult to me defend the pass through the two cbs

  61. Avatar

    I use Barcelona,and I want to change the tactics to possession def how to change it?

  62. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Clayrens,

    Are you referring to management edit in PES 2011? If so I would like to apologise for not being able to help as I no longer play it and couldn’t really remember.

  63. Avatar

    I know it may be really late to ask but, does management edit activates itself without pressing anything? like, pick your team, play without looking game plan and just start?, is just have been playing alot and i never realized there was this strategy thing going on, my team is always static and doesn’t really do much, however when i tried quick strategy and actually felt more of a change and playing better, maybe is just pure luck though.

    Also i see alot that when playing against the AI they really are good on opening spaces themselves or making some of his teammates makes a run behind my marker or defense (he is not under control or with the ball) and they just pierce my markers, that leads me to ask, is there any possible way that my players run or scape their markers or move around while they are not under my control? say, i am just pressing the opposite team and i recover the ball and i want to make a through pass but my forward is not pushing but just staying behind his marker, how do i make him to escape or at least that my players are able to go for the open spaces rather than standing still?.

    I am aware that Team Strategy and Mangament Edit plus Quick Strategies have effect on players behavior, so does the stats on every specific player, but i simply can’t find anything giving that edge i need when facing good opponents Online or the AI on Top Players which easily kicks my butt when it comes to defending, it simply doesn’t let me in (i probably have 2-3 shoots to goal max per game without counting the corner kicks and the FKs), even when my possession goes around 65% per game.

    Hope someone reads it and i would appreciate all my points were answered, thanks in advance

  64. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Koster,

    Oh yes, the management edit activates itself. The strategy changes according to the settings as the game plays.
    The movement of your players changes according to your tactical settings. E.g Players will make more forward runs if the ‘All Out Attack’ setting is on.

  65. Zed Neo Author

    I will say you nee to adopt the jockey stance by holding R2, and not committing to a tackle until you are sure of winning the ball.

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