PES Teammate Control

Spain is well-admired by fans for their beautiful attacking plays and passing moves. In this post, we shall explore how we can recreate these attacking moves in PES, using the feature ‘Teammate Controls’

PES Teammate Controls
Setting Teammate Controls in Button Configuration. Image credit: Konami

Lets take a look at the two options

Assisted Controls

Push Right Analog Stick in the direction of the selected teammate and press the Right Analog Stick. This will command the selected player to make a straight run towards goal.

Manual Controls

Push Right Analog Stick in the direction of the selected teammate and press the Right Analog Stick. You can now control his movement with the Right Analog Stick. Letting go of the Right Analog Stick will command the selected player to make a run in the direction of the last held direction. You can also control the ball carrier concurrently with the Left Analog Stick.

Which is better?

Assisted teammate controls is an easier option. You can command players to make forward runs quickly to aid your attacking moves. This works in a similar way to pressing L1 in the FIFA series. However, as your teammates will only make forward runs, there is predictability in your attacking moves, and thus your attacking options are rather limited.

Manual teammate controls give you the freedom to control your teammates, and command him to make a run into open space. As you have full control, you are able to exploit space and bring about more unpredictability in your attacking play. You can also draw markers away by making decoy runs. Opponents will be confused and you will have more opportunities to score. The downside is that it is rather hard to execute, as you have to control both the ball carrier and the teammate at the same time. In tight situations, this may lead you to lose possession of the ball.

teammate controls
Teammate Controls in the game. Image credit: Konami

There is no hard and fast rule on which option is better. Ultimately it depends on your style of play in PES. If the pace of your game is fast, the Assisted option might be better as you can execute player runs and make passes quickly. If you prefer to play accurate passes and split the opponent’s defence, manual teammate controls will give you more satisfaction. Currently I prefer the manual option as I would like to attempt recreating the beautiful pass and move attacking plays seen in Euro 2012.

Check out this short video on the use of the two different teammate controls, as well as some of my goals using the manual teammate controls. Hope this post helps you in deciding the better option for your PES game!

Main image credit: Konami