Triangular Passing

PES is a realistic game. Though dribbling is fun and long shots a cool, we still need to create chances the old-fashioned way. Passing the ball around to split the defence is the style of play any team can use, and have to use. If you have a playmaker and visionary passer, that makes things easier.

Pass and Move

One of the most effective way of spliting the defence in PES is using the 3 man pass and move technique, also known as Triangular Passing. With 3 players as the 3 points of the triangles, this pass and move technique will help you split the toughest of defence.

Screenshot Tutorial

Let pictures do the talking here.

Watch how Xavi (In Red Circle) starts and end this 3 man move.

Screenshot credit: Konami

This is, in my opinion, the best passing move to split a crowded defence in PES. Try it out and drop me a feedback!

Main image credit: Konami