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Player Index Cards has been present in PES for a small number of years. Players with these cards possess unique physical and mental skills to give the team an advantage during the game. There are 18 P cards and 26 S cards. This posts will highlight a few which I personally found useful.

1. P16 – Fox in the Box.

Giroud Player Index Card. Image credit: Konami

Definition: A striker who lurks in the opposition 18 yard box just waiting for the ball.

Pros: These players are great finishers in the box. Pass the ball to them in the box, take a shot on goal, and chances of scoring is high. Even with their backs on goal, they are able to turn quickly upon receiving the ball and take an accurate shot on target. In addition, they are also a real aerial threat.

Cons: Don’t expect them to do too much defensive work.

Ideal Position: Play these strikers near the edge of the penalty box. They have high Kicking Power to score from outside the box. Playing them at the edge of the box also allows them to make late runs into the box to evade their markers and meet crosses.

Players: Drogba, Giroud, Falcao

2. P08 – Box to Box

Ramires Player Index Card. Image credit: Konami

Definition: The indefatigable all-action player covering every blade of grass for the full 90 minutes.

Pros: Think Park Ji Sung. Typically midfielders, you can be confident that these players will be there to support your attack, and when you lose possession, they will track back all the way to defend. In general, they are everywhere. I once used Juventus and their midfield is packed with these players (Marchisio, Vidal, Asamoah, Pepe, Isla), allowing me to control the midfield and to attack and defend as a team. These players have high stamina and you can use them to sprint all day too.

Cons: They are generally hardworking players, and most of them do not possess the ability to play a defence splitting pass. Having one or two of such players in your midfield is thus sufficient.

Ideal Position: Defensive Midfield or Centre Midfield. Your Attacking Midfield slot should be saved for a more creative player.

Players: Schweinsteiger, Fellaini, Ramires

3. P02 Anchor Man/ P11 – Enforcer

Alex Song Player Index Card. Image credit: Konami

Definition: A deep sitting defensive midfielder protecting the backline/ A tough combative player whose sole purpose is to keep the opposition attack in check.

Pros: These are two different player index cards, but to me they perform the same function, to win the midfield battle in the ugly manner. They are usually strong, and possess ball winning ability. Place these players in your midfield and your defence will be thanking you after every match.

Cons: They are generally not good passers thus use them to win the ball and pass it to creative players.

Ideal Position: Defensive Midfield and Deep lying Centre Midfield. Partnering them with a Box to Box player will strike fear in opposition midfielders.

Players (with both cards): Cambiasso, Mascherano, Song

4. S15 – Knuckle Shot

Schweinsteiger Player Index Card. Image credit: Konami

Definition: Improves the accuracy of Knuckle Shot.

Pros: Most players can execute the knuckle shot. This card just helps to improve the accuracy of the shot. Use these players to take long range free-kicks to improve your chances of scoring from knuckle shot free kicks.

Cons: Probably not much.

Ideal Position: Midfielder and at the wings, where players can attempt long range shot on goal. These players should take long range free kicks as well.

Players: Ronaldo, Pirlo, Schweinsteiger

The Rest

This posts is not suggesting that only these player index cards are useful. In fact, every card has their unique strengths and a winning team requires players possessing an array of index cards. The index cards mentioned in this post are recommended as I have experienced their benefits myself and thus would simply like to share my findings. Please let me know your preferred Player Index Card too by leaving a comment! Thanks!

Main image credit: Konami


  1. Avatar

    one touch is a common card but I think is a must have for most mid/attackers. makes the passing faster and harder for opponents to close down

  2. Zed Neo Author

    yes indeed, allows for smoother attacking build up as well!

  3. Avatar

    I know how to do knuckle shot in free kicks,but i cant do in the game while running.Is there a trick or you just shoot and the ball just knuckles by her own??I play with PS3 buttons..

  4. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Steve,

    I personally find it easier to do knuckleshot in freekicks than open play too. I am afraid there is no trick, and you will have to work on the timing. It should also be easier to do knuckleshots with players that have the knuckleshot skill card.

  5. Avatar

    Hi Zed,

    How are you? Hope you’re doing well.

    My question since the site revamp: what is P card & what is S?

    Thank you.

  6. Zed N Author

    Hi Hoa,

    I am doing well, thanks! Hope you are too!
    In PES 2014, the card system has undergone a revamp. Players now have a ‘Playing Style’ each. There are also 2 types of Player Skill cards: ‘COM Skill cards’, and ‘Human Controlled Skill cards’. All these info can be seen in the game plan whenever you select a player. For more info, check out the 2 tutorials ‘PES 2014 Playing Styles‘ and ‘PES 2014 Player Skills

    All the best!

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