pes 2013 dribbling tutorial

PES Dribbling


In this post, I would like to share the dribbling tricks in PES 2013. Here is a video on the various dribbling tricks in PES 2013.

In PES 2013, slight changes have been made to the execution of these tricks. A number of new tricks are added too, mainly Nutmeg, Run Around, Sombrero and Double Touch.

Most Effective

Despite all these new additions, the most effective one is still the close control dribble. Other dribbling tricks require you to press a combination of keys, and there is no guarantee of beating the defender.  The traditional close control dribbling is much easier to execute, and highly effective as well. Hold R2/ RT and use the directional keys to dribble past your opponents. Sidewards dribble and diagonal dribble are, in my opinion, the most effective ways to get past defenders.

Decently Effective Tricks

Among the various dribbling tricks, the following are suitable for certain match situations.

Inside-Bounce – When a defender is chasing you down, an inside-bounce (also known as a stop-start) tricks the defender into stopping, allowing you to get some distance ahead of him.

Cross-Over Turn – When a defender is between you and the goal while you are running down the flanks, a cross-over turn allows you to beat the defender and make a run towards goal.

Marseille Roulette – In tight situations, this unpredictable 360 turn confuses the defender and give you a clear path ahead.

Flashy Tricks

These tricks are relatively harder to execute, but are pleasing to the eye when done correctly. Use them when victory is confirmed or when scores do not really matter.

Nutmeg – A nice way to embarrass the defender. May need some practise to gauge the ideal distance between the defender and the dribbler.

Sombrero – Another great way to fool the defender. Although most players can execute this, players with the ‘Sombrero’ ability have higher chances of pulling this off smoothly.

The Rest

The rest of the tricks plays a minor role in determining the outcome of the game. With so many tricks to choose from, it will be advisable to learn and master just a selected few that will help turn the match in your favour.

Here is a video to highlight some of these tricks.

Which dribbling trick is your favourite?

Main image credit: Konami