PES Marseille Roulette And Scooping

Dribbling past opponents with fancy tricks is something that gives all players great satisfaction. In this tutorial, we will discuss about Marseille Roulette, and Scooping / Flick Up.

Marseille Roulette – 360 Turn

When playing is jogging at slow pace, do a 360 turn on your D-pad.

The player’s direction of turn is affected by a clockwise/ anti-clockwise turn on your D-pad.

Ensure your player has 1 of the 2 marseille roulette card before doing this move.

Flick Up – Flicking the ball forward

When the player is jogging slowly or stationary, press Back, then Front quickly.

The player would flick the ball forward, and runs forward to collect it.

The longer you hold Back, the higher your flick would be. If you hold Back for too long, the player simply dribbles backwards.

When performed well, this trick is a satisfying way to outwit your opponent. Besides that, you can also flick the ball up to set up a volley for a powerful shot on goal

Before you attempt this move, ensure your player has the ‘Scooping’ Skill card.

Go ahead and try it out. And let me know if you have any queries!

Main image credit: Konami