PES Player Skills

Skill cards help you identify what each player can do in PES. Players with certain skill cards are able to pull off dribbling tricks, send accurate passes, and unleash powerful shots on goal. This post details all the skill cards available in PES.

Types of Skill Cards

Skill cards are divided into 2 categories – COM skill cards, and normal skill cards. COM skill cards gives you an indication of how the player will play when he is controlled by the AI, either as your opponent in 11 v 11 matches, or as your teammate in Become A Legend.

Normal skill cards tell you what the player is capable of when you control them directly. For dribbling skill cards, you will have to input the directional moves to pull off the dribbling skill. For other skill cards such as passing and shooting, they are ‘activated’ automatically when you pass and shoot the ball.

And here are all the skill cards.

COM Skill Cards

01 Trickster – The step-over expert who makes the most of exquisite skills to dribble past the opposition.

02 Mazing Run – A player who looks to penetrate deep into opposition territory by using deft turns and dribbles.

03 Speeding Bullet – A pacey player who likes to get forward.

04 Incisive Run – A dribbler whose expertise is to cut in from the wide areas looking for goal scoring opportunities.

05 Long Ball Expert – A player who frequently plays the long ball.

06 Early Cross – A player with great vision who won’t miss the chance to hit an early cross.

07 Long Ranger – A player who frequently takes snapshots at goal from range.

Other Skill Cards

01 Scissor Feint – Enables players to execute the Scissors Feint at high speed.

02 Flip-Flap – Enables players to execute the Flip Flap.

03 Marseille Turn – Enables players to execute the Marseille Turn.

04 Sombrero – Enables players to execute the Boomerang Trap and the Crescent Turn.

05 Cut Behind & Turn (used to be called Precise Touch in PES 2014) – Enables the ‘Cut Behind’

06 Scotch Move – Enables ‘Scotch Move’. (Scotch move can be pulled off by pushing Right Stick back, and Left Stick Forward/Diagonally Forward)

07 Long Range Drive – Enables players to hit curling shots with great accuracy from a distance.

08 Knuckle Shot – Enables players to hit knuckle ball shots with greater ease.

09 Acrobatic Finish – Enables players to find a finish even from awkward positions or when off balance.

10 First-Time Shot – Improves technique and precision when taking first-time shots.

11 One-Touch Pass – Improves technique and precision when playing one-touch passes.

12 Weighted Pass – Enables players to apply back-spin when playing lofted passes and through balls improving accuracy.

13 Pinpoint Crossing – Enables players to curl in crosses with great accuracy.

14 Outside Curler – Enables players to shoot and pass using the outside of the boot even at long distances.

15 Low Punt Trajectory – Enables players to take long accurate punt kicks with a low trajectory.

16 Long Throw – Improve the range of long throws.

17 GK Long Throws – Improves the range on throws by the goalkeeper.

18 Man Marking – Enables a player to stick to and persistently chase down an opponent.

19 Track Back – An offensive player who actively pressurises the opposition player who is on the ball and tries to win it back.

20 Captaincy – The strength of character to get more out of the team, pulling players by the scruff of their necks.

21 Super-Sub – Improves player’s abilities when introduced late in the game.

22 Fighting Spirit – An offensive player who actively pressurises the opposition player who is on the ball and tries to win it back.

Using Skill Cards

Try your best to get players who have skill cards that are relevant to their positions. E.g Wingers should ideally have dribbling skill cards (01 to 06). Attacking midfielders with passing skill cards (11 to 14) will do well. Strikers should possess shooting skill cards (07 to 10). Man marking is good for defensive midfielders and defender. If your team consist of all these players and your captain has the Captaincy skill card, you have a great team in the making.


Skill cards allow some of your players to do that extra bit of magic to swing the game in your favour. Familiarise yourself with the skill cards that your players have, and use them to their strengths.

Main image credit: Konami