PES MyClub Starter Guide

While the myClub mode in eFootball PES has been around for a new years, not many fans have tried it. I certainly didn’t get into it right from the start.

Probably similar to some of you, my reasons for not rushing into myClub were

  • Reluctance to play online due to stories of rage quitters and lag cheaters
  • Not wanting to play a laggy game
  • Having to purchase Playstation Plus to play online

Eventually, I did give in.

For a new PES myClub player, the mode can be a little confusing. While the learning curve isn’t steep, it takes time to understand the different features, much more time than the standard Master League and Kick off.

I created this guide to help new players ease into the mode, so that hopefully you will be able to enjoy the game within a quicker timeframe.

Team spirit

Team spirit determines how well your players link up with one another.

Team spirit is key to your enjoyment in myClub. Some players recommend not playing with other online players until your team spirit is above 95.

A high team spirit is achieved when your players’ offensive and defensive tactics are aligned to your manager’s preferred attacking and defensive instructions.

There are a number of attacking and defensive tactics and instructions. The more they are in sync, the higher your team spirit.

It is almost impossible to achieve an ideal match at the start of your myClub career. However, over time, your players will learn now to play with the manager’s style. Players will learn the new style (without forgetting their own styles) and become more versatile. Your team spirit will then gradually increase.

Managers also have a ‘Adaptability’ rating, which is his Familiarity score, maxing out at 120%. The higher the score, the faster your players will learn the manager’s system.

This is something to keep in mind when choosing your myClub manager.

You can use the item, Familiarity Boost, to speed up the process of players learning the manager’s playing style.

You can also use the item ‘Tactical Training’, to make players more tactically fit, to increase team spirit.

Team Strength

This is determined by your players’ overall rating. During matchmaking, you will be paired with teams with strength similar to you.

However, it may be hard to find matches if your team strength is low, as most online players have strong teams.

Player Management

We have heard stories of managers in real life who are unable to effectively manage a team of superstars. This is well reflected in how myClub is structured.

Each manager has a ‘Management Skill’ rating, which is his maximum cost. Higher-rated managers will have a number. This refers to the manager’s ability to manage players.

Every player has a cost, and players that you play in the first team will contribute to the total cost. Playing iconic players will lead to an increase in total cost. Keep total costs of all players below the manager’s total cost, or else team spirit will be affected.

Image credit: Konami

You can use the item ‘Management Skill Boost’ to increase the total cost of your manager.

Training Players

Players are categorized by ball type

  • White
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Black

Players can increase in levels. You can train players to make them better.

Over your myClub career, you will receive a large number of players, and will likely not play most of them.

Convert unwanted players into trainers, and use them to train other players.

Once players are converted in trainers, they are no longer playable in the team. The conversion is irreversible.

There are three types of trainers

  • EXP Trainer
  • Skill Trainer
  • Position Trainer
Image credit: Konami

EXP Trainer

For effective training, use trainers who have a lot in common with the player you wish to train. This refers to nationality, club, playing styles, position.

If your trainer and the trainee are the same player, experience points will increase even more, as they are duplicates and will have everything in common.

If, for some reason, you wish to convert a highly rated player into a trainer, this will lead to more experience points for the trainee.

Skill Trainer

Help your players learn a new player skill, such as Heading, Man Marketing etc.

The maximum number of skills a player can have is ten. Use a Skill Trainer on a player, and he will learn a new skill, decided randomly but based on the player’s position.

You can use skill trainer to overwrite a recently learned player skill.

Position Trainer

All players will have a natural position (denoted in blue), and other playable positions (denoted in green).

Position trainers can be used to turn any of the green positions into blue. Your players will be able to play better in those positions.

Unfortunately, we cannot add new green positions.

Player Conditions

Players are assigned form arrows. Based on previous PES guides, it is believed that the top blue arrows lead to a 6% to 12% increase in stats. A green arrow leads to a 3% to 6% increase in stats.

Each player has a Conditioning rating, with the maximum at 8. The higher than number, the higher the probability of the player playing at their base stats.

Whenever possible, field players with high conditioning.

Based on real world performance, Konami’s live update will overwrite the player’s condition rating. If Ronaldo played well, he will be given an ‘A’ rating on live update, and he will have blue or green arrow that week on myClub.

For obvious reasons, avoid playing players who have been hit with a ‘D’ or ‘E’ rating.

Live updates are released every Thursday.

Signing Players

Players in myClub are signed using

  • Agents
  • Scouts
  • Loan
  • Trades

Signing Players by Agents

Top Agents

Use Top Agent to get a player in a chosen position. It costs 25,000 GP or 250 coins for a spin.

You will get a Silver ball rated player 83.6% of the time, Gold ball at 13.5%, Black ball at 2.9%.

Image credit: Konami

GP are reward points that you get in the game for completing challenges and winning games. Coins are in-game currency that can be purchased for real money.

I suggest going with GP for most of the time, and use coins only for Special agents.

Special Agents

In some weeks, Special agents are available for you to sign selected players of the week from selected clubs and countries. These players would usually have performed well in real life and will be rated highly, in the Black ball category.

Use 100 coins to get a spin. You can do this 3 times for each special agent.

Collector’s Box

Look out for the collector’s box to get yourself a top rated player or legend player.

Image credit: Konami

Signing Players by Scouts

Through agents, you get players quite randomly.

If you have a particular player in mind to sign, you will need to use a combination of scouts.

Each scout will have a star rating, category, and speciality in looking for a particular type of player.

Star rating determines the ratings of players you can sign.

  • 1 star – white ball
  • 2 star – bronze ball and below
  • 3 star – silver ball and below
  • 4 star – gold ball and below
  • 5 star – black ball and below.

Category and speciality refers to player characteristics, such as Position, Club, League, Nationality, Certain abilities, Age, Preferred Foot etc.

You will need to combine different scouts to get the players you want.

For example, you will need scouts with 5 star FC Barcelona, 5 star Argentina, 5 star RWF.

There are many other combinations you can use to sign your preferred player.

Free Scouts

You will obtain scouts after every match. Combine these scouts to get the players that you want.

That said, not all kinds of scouts are available for free. You will have to visit the Auction House to bid for your preferred scout.

Auction House

Search for the scouts that you need, and place a bid. You will acquire the scout if your bid wins after the end of the timer.

Place your preferred scouts on your wishlist, so that you can place a bid when they become available.

If there are scouts that you do not wish to use, you can choose to sell it. That said, the better option is to just sign the player, and use the player for SIM matches or sell him. It will be worth more than selling a scout.

While signing players via agents will get your duplicate players, using scouts mean that you will not get a player that you already have.

This means that if you have a 25% chance of signing a player that you want with scouts, and you already have the other 3 players, it is a 100% chance to sign the player you had in mind.

Signing Players on Loan

You can loan players for a short period of time. Choose to pay by GP or Coins.

Trading Players

If you have 3 of the same player, you can do a free trade for any player of the same quality i.e Gold ball for Gold ball.

This is a good way to get more high quality players in the game.

Game Modes

Image credit: Konami

vs COM

Play a one-off match against the AI.

Co Op

6 players from your squad will be used to create a team. This is great for earning GPs, as you will only be using contracts for those players, rather than all players in your starting 11 and substitute bench.

Challenge cups

Earn rewards such as GPs, Scouts, and player packs for winning these cups, such as playing against Legend difficulty.

Ranked match

Play 10 matches for the system to decide on your rating. You will be assigned a division. The highest position you achieved in that week will determine your rewards. There is the potential to earn 20k – 30k GP in the highest divisions.

Ranked Match Sim

You will be playing against someone else’s squad, and will only be controlling tactics and advanced instructions. You do not have control over your players. This is a good way to earn GPs, scouts and increase team spirit.

Farming Coins

If you do not wish to spend money to purchase coins, you will have to spend time farming for GPs and coins. Complete all challenges and log in bonuses. Play SIM games. Try the introductory online cups.

myClub players generally have strong squads and will use all available tactics to win.

Earn sufficient GPs and coins to build up your squad before competing with other human players online for a better myClub experience.

Main image credit: Konami