PES Goal Keepers Howlers

PES Goal keepers are funny people. One moment they bring you joy – through great saves, and the next moment, they bring you sorrow – through howlers.

Before we go on, lets take a look at 2 of the howlers.

Julio Cesar

Inter And Brazil 1st Choice Keeper. He catches a long ball, almost brought it into his own net, drops the ball, and rushes to pounce on it. Phew.

Image credit: Konami

 Next up, we have..

Victor Valdes

He approaches a long ball and does a sliding tackle for no reason, missing the ball and the player completely. And Ronaldinho has the simplest of tasks to tap the ball in. Sigh.

Image credit: Konami
Image credit: Konami

How to Prevent Howlers

Since such blunders can even happen to top keepers, there is not much hope for the rest, I will say. Our players tend to commit mistakes, one after another, when they are under pressure. Keepers are no exception. Thus when you find that momentum is not on your side, and your players are not their usual self, you have to keep the ball in your opponent’s half. Pump the ball up the field and keep it there. Playing the ball at the back will often result in mistakes such as losing possession to opposition strikers, and keepers will not be able to save you with their erratic self during this period of time.

Main image credit: Konami