Match Facts

No Goals to show for your effort?

You have tried your best in the game, wrecked your brain to conjure up brilliant plays, but still lack that elusive goal?

Solve this problem with a 10 seconds assessment!

Often we get too caught up in passing and keeping possession, and wonder why we just can’t score in a particular match, while in other matches, our goals keep raining on the opponent.

How Are You Playing

If you still have not score at half time, relax, take a deep breath, go get a class of water, and check out your Match Facts.

How many shots do you have? What about those on target? You may have plenty of possession, but if you do not attempt shots on goal, you will not score. If it is hard to find scoring chances, try long shots, test the keeper, to grasp the game’s momentum.

If you realise most of your shots are off target, you have to focus on calming your nerves when presented with a goal chance.

Questions for Yourself

If you have lots of shots on target, ask yourself.

  • ‘Did I vary my play?’
  • ‘Did I try crosses and headers?’
  • ‘Did I try long shots?’
  • ‘Did I try long passes to my forwards?’

After this short self assessment that shouldn’t take more than 10s, you will realise which area you should work on in the second half.

And when you are confident you met all the above requirements, keep it up! Don’t worry, the goals will be coming real soon. You will get a lucky break some time in the game.

All the best!

Main image credit: Konami