PES Goal-keeping

Now lets explore the PES 2010 goalkeeping department.

Your goalkeeper is your last line of defence, yet at the same time the initiator of your attacks. Using him well is crucial to the success of your match.


You are able to position your keeper (Triangle / Y + L3) to ensure he is in a good position to make a save.

When you press Triangle / Y for your keeper to rush out, you can tap the button  repeatedly for him to hold his position.

This might tempt your opponent in chipping a shot over the keeper.

Either the ball goes out for a goal kick, or you can get your defenders back to clear it from the goal line since chip shots travel slower.

Distribution of Ball

During goal kick in PES 2010, take a glance at your radar. One of your wingers will be open.

Do note that pumping the ball down the middle would lose you the ball

Playing a tall, strong midfielder in the center can win you aerial balls.

Alternatively, you can play a short pass to the nearest defender. Do watch out for lurking strikers.

You can choose to drop the ball and deliver a long pass forward manually.
Manual pass is very much more accurate than a drop kick.

Press R3 to drop the ball for manual delivery when the keeper has the ball in his hands.


With these knowledge of PES 2010 Goal-keeping, you would possess more tips to handle different types of attackers, and add variety and accuracy from restart plays.

Main image credit: Konami