How To Maintain Excellent Ball Control In Tight Situations

Controlling the ball well is crucial to keeping possession and determining our PES results. Besides allowing us to build up fluid attacking plays, good ball control helps us prevent our PES opponents from getting the ball when we are defending a slim lead. The best part is, ball control is easy to master!

Here’s how.

Receiving The Ball

Just as you are about to receive the ball, hold ( L1 + direction ) to determine where the player would face after receiving. This allows you to shield the ball from defenders, keeping possession, or to face the direction you intend to pass or dribble, saving you precious seconds.

Keeping Possession Of The Ball. Image credit: Konami

Follow Through

To add fluidity to your PES attacking moves, use the turn and follow through move (R + direction the ball in travelling) when receiving a pass. This is a smooth move to continue moving in the direction of the ball. Not only it saves time, it also tricks the defender, making him stay rooted to the spot and you will be way ahead of him when he starts to chase back.

Image credit: Konami

Letting The Ball Through

This is a PES dummy play where your player pretends to receive a pass, but lets the ball run past him to another teammate. This move is useful when you find that your current player is being tightly marked, and you noticed a teammate running into space behind you. I will say there are not many chances in PES where you can actually use this, thus in the rare occasion when this is executed, savour the moment! To pull this off, simple press only (R1) as ball is approaching you.

Excellent PES Dummy Move To Fool Your Opponents. Image credit: Konami

Super Cancel

For total control of your player, with or without the ball, you should utilise the PES Super Cancel Control by pressing (R1 + R2). With the Super Cancel control, you would be able to control your player manually. You are now able to latch onto through passes by moving in front of defenders, and stop chasing a ball to let it go out of play.

pes super cancel
Image credit: Konami

In addition, when you have a strong player, use Super Cancel to knock your opponents off the ball. When there is a situation where two players are running in the same direction towards a loose ball, you can use super cancel to block your opponent’s path, or to knock him off his path. More of this will be covered in the defending section.


By apply these Ball Control strategies in your PES game, you will have ultimate control of the ball and the ability to dictate the flow of the game with ease.

Main image credit: Konami


  1. Avatar

    I want to know how to “cancel” or feint a pass? I think to do it with shoot, hold the Shoot button (Square for PS3), then before touching the ball, press the pass button(X) while holding square, then release, or am I wrong? now I just want to learn to fake a pass… and other tricks as well.

  2. Zed Author

    Hello BigD,

    Yes you are right, thats how you fake a shot. You can fake a cross too, however you cant fake a pass. But you can cancel a pass. If you have pressed the pass button before you receive the ball and wish to change your decision, simply press super cancel and the pass will be overwritten 🙂

  3. Avatar


    Although PES is my favorite game ever, I have a problem with stopping the R2 shoot by the GK. It seems easier than it goes through. Could you help please.

  4. Avatar

    That step over is annoying. It seems to happen at the most critical moments causing great goal scoring chances to go begging. I hate it ! The ammount of chances that have cost me scoring because my player does a stupid step over from 6 yards out is ludicrous. The fact that it can be so easily and accidently executed is just stupid. I don’t flipping plan to step over when running onto a low cross into the six yard box I plan to hammer the ball into the net not step over the bloody thing ! I wish you could disable it. It is rubbish and ruins chances. How else am I to run onto a low cross without pressing r1 ? It is just a stupid move that ruins great moves and goal scoring opportunities. Nothing cool clever or good about it. It is rubbish ! The developers messed up in how they put it into the game. I hope they don’t make this hideous mistake again !

  5. Zed N Author

    Hi Zonga,

    That’s interesting insight. May I suggest you turn off Auto Feint?

    Auto Feint might be triggering trick moves with a simple flick of your analog stick when you don’t intent to.

    Hope this solves the issue!


  6. Zed N Author

    Hi Kamel,

    Are you referring to the controlled shot? Yes it is a good way to score and is indeed hard to stop, especially from top players.

    The only way to effectively stop it, I must say, is to prevent your opponent from taking a controlled shot with his stronger foot.


  7. Avatar

    Hi. I don’t know how to tackle especially the standing tackle. And COM does it so easily please help me

  8. Zed Author

    Hi Abdulai,

    To execute standing tackle, press X (Playstation) / A (XBOX) twice.
    To make a successful tackle, you have to time it well, going in for the tackle only when your defender is near to the opponent.

    There are other aspects of tackling too, and I recommend you check out the PES Defending Tutorial.

    Hope this helps!

  9. Avatar

    How do I push ball forward far away so I can use pace to catch it before the opponent during one on one dribble or anytime

  10. Avatar

    for those that wanna stop the R2 shots from goal, kindly control your keeper manually by pressing the Analog inwards + L1 then take your keeper to the place where you think the shot ball is heading as quick as possible

    I hope it helps

    I’m scatter

  11. Avatar

    Your Comment *please help me out. .my friends player never falls or loses tha ball when he sprints ..but I do ….so teach me how to sprint and how to make my player stick his arm out backwards while sprinting. thanks

  12. Avatar

    How do defenders easily catch me up at speed when I have a 10 yard advatage

  13. Avatar

    How can i shadow mark players that is not with him especially top players

  14. Avatar

    Im also having problem by my defenders. Getting ball from my opponent looks imposibble and so hard. I have to send 3-4 defenders to get the ball, while they get ball easily within fraction of second! even from back of my player. Im really sad why this is happening to me. Is there any other button beside X button to use while defending?

  15. Avatar

    Ask me anything on PS2…I’m the best ever

  16. Avatar

    How can I use my keeper to know where my opponent want to play the ball To

  17. Avatar

    Your Comment *hi how can in curlv the ball outside the box and i score

  18. Avatar

    I want to know how the player will move the ball faster

  19. Avatar

    Hi Zed! Please how do I make my player move immediately after performing a dummy so as to create space for a through ball to him?

  20. Avatar

    How can i score with direction button

  21. Avatar

    How can i win the ball manually without holding the A button to follow my opponent

  22. Avatar

    I’d there a way to cancel a pass you already called for in pes 17 Bal mode?

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