How To Maintain Excellent Ball Control In Tight Situations

Controlling the ball well is crucial to keeping possession and determining our PES results. Besides allowing us to build up fluid attacking plays, good ball control helps us prevent our PES opponents from getting the ball when we are defending a slim lead. The best part is, ball control is easy to master!

Here’s how.

Receiving The Ball

Just as you are about to receive the ball, hold ( L1 + direction ) to determine where the player would face after receiving. This allows you to shield the ball from defenders, keeping possession, or to face the direction you intend to pass or dribble, saving you precious seconds.

Keeping Possession Of The Ball. Image credit: Konami

Follow Through

To add fluidity to your PES attacking moves, use the turn and follow through move (R + direction the ball in travelling) when receiving a pass. This is a smooth move to continue moving in the direction of the ball. Not only it saves time, it also tricks the defender, making him stay rooted to the spot and you will be way ahead of him when he starts to chase back.

Image credit: Konami

Letting The Ball Through

This is a PES dummy play where your player pretends to receive a pass, but lets the ball run past him to another teammate. This move is useful when you find that your current player is being tightly marked, and you noticed a teammate running into space behind you. I will say there are not many chances in PES where you can actually use this, thus in the rare occasion when this is executed, savour the moment! To pull this off, simple press only (R1) as ball is approaching you.

Excellent PES Dummy Move To Fool Your Opponents. Image credit: Konami

Super Cancel

For total control of your player, with or without the ball, you should utilise the PES Super Cancel Control by pressing (R1 + R2). With the Super Cancel control, you would be able to control your player manually. You are now able to latch onto through passes by moving in front of defenders, and stop chasing a ball to let it go out of play.

pes super cancel
Image credit: Konami

In addition, when you have a strong player, use Super Cancel to knock your opponents off the ball. When there is a situation where two players are running in the same direction towards a loose ball, you can use super cancel to block your opponent’s path, or to knock him off his path. More of this will be covered in the defending section.


By apply these Ball Control strategies in your PES game, you will have ultimate control of the ball and the ability to dictate the flow of the game with ease.

Main image credit: Konami