eFootball Football Festival

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is well underway. To celebrate the event and give football fans an avenue to bring their country to glory, eFootball recently updated the game following 3 days of maintenance. What we have now are plenty of new game modes to play as your favourite countries.

Authentic Match

If you have played PES over the years, you will be familiar with ‘International Cup’, Konami’s version of the World Cup. Choose a country, including a few that did not qualify, and lead your team to glory in this mode. There are 5 events – group stages, last 16, quarter finals, semi finals, and finals.

Got bored with a team? You are free to change your team after each event to keep things interesting.

Konami is pretty generous with the GP. Clearing the group stage alone will get you >300k GP, with >100k more after each subsequent stage.

Note that you will be playing against the AI in this game mode. You have the option to adjust the difficulty, to either give yourself a challenge, or go easy on yourself and rack up the GPs.

Dream Team International Events

Gather 18 players of the same nationality and play against other users online.

Before signing your players, ensure that the country you have in mind is in the list of participating countries.

Choose a country, go to your squad and identify players who belong to the country, put them into a new Game Plan, and sign new players to fill the gaps.

I find this really engaging as you can finally stop facing opponents using the usual Mbappe and Haaland in the same team. No doubt you will still face France most of the time, but I feel that the matches are much more balanced in this game mode.

If the country that you choose is not among the top tier, no worries, you can still have fun in the ‘Under 2100’ team strength event.

Sure, you may find some ‘white benchers’ and teams with 9 superstars and 2 players with ~50 ratings, but with a balanced team, you will be able to beat them. Simply target their weak spots aka the lowly rated players.

Match Pass

A new feature, Match Pass gives you training items, nominating contracts, and 60 days contract renewal for playing consecutive matches.

There is 1 free tier and 2 tiers that you can purchase with coins. The ‘paid’ tiers will grant you Gareth Bale or Dusan Tadic, and a whole lot more rewards as compared to the free tier. There is also a bit of ‘coins cash back’ – you will get back some coins after using coins to purchase the ‘paid’ tiers.

The free tier isn’t bad if you choose not to spend your coins.

Other Rewards

You get the usual login bonus, and plenty of GPs by clearing some of the other events and objectives. No doubt this is Konami’s way to re-engage existing players and acquire new ones. In any case, I enjoy the new game modes. It is a nice way to pass the time between watching the real life matches.

All images credit: Konami