pes penalty tutorial

PES Penalty

Welcome to the PES Penalty Tutorial.

In this tutorial, you will find out how to take a penalty in PES.

Ratings to Take Note

The penalty taker should ideally possess high ratings in ‘Place Kicking’ and ‘Kicking Power’. This will help increase the conversion rate of the penalty.

How to Take A Penalty

To take a penalty, charge up the shot button and push the left analog stick either left or right. There is actually no need to push top left, or bottom right, as the height of the penalty in PES is determined by the amount of power filled in the power gauge. Thus, if you wish to aim for the top corner, simply charge up more power. Give the shot button a quick tap to send the ball to the bottom corner. Not pushing the left analog stick in any direction will command the player to send the penalty down the middle.

pes 2013 penalty
Sending the Penalty to the Bottom Right Corner. Image credit: Konami

Amount of Power to Input

The ideal power to fill for a penalty is around 90% of the power gauge. With this power, the goal keeper will find it very hard to make a save, even if he managed to dive in the correct direction. The penalty shot will travel too fast for him to make a save. Thus, we should try to fill the power to this level. One trick I find useful is to fill the power gauge through multiple taps on the shot button. This allows me to adjust the duration of my taps to gradually fill the power bar.

pes penalty
The Ideal Power for a Penalty. Image credit: Konami

A chip penalty in PES is executed by pressing R1 when filling up the power gauge. More power will lead to a higher chip, but that should not make any difference as the goal keeper will still make a save if he stays stationary in the middle. A chip penalty is thus a bet that the goal keeper will make a dive.

pes 2013 penalty tutorial
Panenka – A Chip Penalty. Image credit: Konami

Filling up the entire power bar will lead to a missed penalty in PES. Not even pressing the R1 button can help prevent this.

Not every player in the game can strike a penalty to the top corner. This depends on the ratings of the player, as well as the codes placed in the game by Konami. Some players will send it more towards the corner, others will not, no matter how hard we try. I believe players with high ‘Kicking Power’ will stand a better chance of aiming for the top corner.

pro evolution soccer penalty tutorial
A Penalty into the Corner of Goal. Image credit: Konami

The following video – PES Penalty Tutorial, will show you the implementation of these techniques in the game.

Main image credit: Konami