Choosing the Captain in PES


In this post, we are going to find out more about captaincy in PES.

While there are no official information that the choice of captain in PES affects the team in anyway, several players felt that captaincy does play a part in the team’s performance. From personal experience, I believe that choosing the wrong captain will have a detrimental effect on the team. For example, when I substitute my captain for another player, the captaincy will be transferred to the sub, and my team will be performing at a lower standard. Maybe it is psychological, maybe it does indeed has an effect. In any case, victory shouldn’t be left to chance and since it is just a push of a button to change the captain, here are some tips on choosing a good captain.

Choosing a Captain in PES
Choosing a Captain in PES. Image credit: Konami

1. Leave the armband with the default captain.

If captaincy does play a part in PES, the coders at Konami would have gave these default captains an advantage. Thus, there will be no reason to take the armband away from them. When making substitutions, we should also choose a new captain manually if we are taking off the original captain, or else the newly subbed in player will automatically take the armband.

In the event that we are creating a new team from scratch, or the original captain is sold off, below are other recommendations on selecting the captain.

2. A Captain with high Teamwork

We will want someone that works well with the team to lead the team. Teamwork in PES refers to the ability of the player to link up with the team. This means that a player with high Teamwork will get into positions to receive passes and assist teammates. Having such players as the captain in PES 2013 enables the team to play more effectively together.

3. A Captain with high Stamina

The team captain should ideally be able to last the whole match for his influence to be felt by the teammates. A player with high stamina ensures that he can stay on the pitch for the entire match while contributing to the team’s cause.

Zanetti in PES 2013
Captain of Inter Milan – Zanetti. Image credit: Konami

4. A Captain with high Tenacity

A captain can’t possibly play in one match, and sit out the next one due to fatigue. Tenacity in PES refers to the ability of a player to recover from fatigue. This means that he will be able to play in consecutive matches as his fatigue bar will not be easily filled up.

5. A Captain with high Form

Since the captain is going to play in every single match, he should ideally be on form for majority of the match. A high rating in Form increases the possibility that his condition arrow will be Green or Above. We cannot afford to have someone with erratic condition arrow to serve as the captain.

6. A Captain that has decent abilities

Of course, as the captain is the leader of the team and plays in almost every match, he should possess decent abilities that allow him to make meaningful contributions to every match.

Players that rank high in all these aspects are hard to find in PES, and certainly harder to buy. Having one such player in the team is a huge bonus. Based on these aspects, the best captain in PES is Lahm. He is the only player to have ratings higher than 85 in the player abilities of Teamwork, Stamina, and Tenacity. His form is 8 out of 8, and overall rating is 88. Bayern Munich possess the best captain in PES.

Choosing a captain in PES
Lahm is the best captain in PES 2013. Image credit: Konami

Decreasing the filters a little, there are 24 players with a minimum of 80 in the 3 player abilities, and form 7 out of 8. The top 10 eligible captains include Kompany, Vidic, Pique, Xabi Alonso, Vidal,  Lahm, Gokhan, Nainggolan, Puyol and Cavani.

With these filters in place, we can choose a suitable captain to lead our team in PES.

Main image credit: Konami