PES 2010 – What is the best formation

Are you running out for ideas for your Formation in PES 2010? Facing problems dominating multiplayer games?

Realizing that the once-effective formation you had been using all these while, no longer works?

Do you need some advice on creating the ultimate formation to dominate EVERY match, with ANY team?

Choosing the right formation will surely give you an advantage over your rival. PES 2010 gives players the ultimate freedom in customising our ideal formation. It allows us to unleash our creativity in tweaking our tactics to our liking. Each of us has our own special formation that we believe is most suited to our team and our style of play.

Through researching, in addition to experimenting, I would like to share the ultimate formation, which together with some selection advice and tactical gameplan tips, allow any PES player to massively improve their performance in matches.


The most devastating formation for PES 2010, is the 4-3-3 formation.

  • 2 Center Backs (CB)
  • 2 Attacking Side Backs (SB)
  • 3 Center Midfielders (CM)
  • 2 Wingers (WF)
  • 1 Target Man (CF)

This formation provides a very balanced attacking and defensive strategy.


  1. Lets take a look at defence. You have 4 defenders, with 1 or 2 CM who will drop back, to safe guard your goal. During attack, You have 3 forwards, with 1 or 2 CM to assist you!
  2. The transition from defence to attack is made swift by your 2 wingers.
  3. You are strong going forward on all 3 fronts. On the left flank, you have your LW, LB, and at least 1 CM. Through the right, you utilize RW, RB, and 1 CM. In the center, your 3 CM and 1 CF provide you with much options, together with an Attacking CB. You will have equal strength in any channel you choose to attack from!

Player Selection

Choosing the right player for each role maximizes your formation’s potential and strengthens your team.

Top teams have little trouble filling each position in the 4-3-3 formation.

Here are some advice for weaker teams.

  • Choose 2 of the fastest players as the 2 wingers. You just need them to sprint down the flank to deliver crosses in.
  • Choose at least 1 tall and strong player in your midfield and place him in the middle, to act as the defensive midfielder. He helps you win high balls and is strong enough to outmuscle opponents for the ball.
  • Ensure your 2 CBs are made of up 1 tall and strong player (Challenge crosses), and 1 fast player (Chase down opponent’s counter attacks).


A player’s condition is indicated by his arrow, when you press R in the team selection menu, with RED being the best.

I have found out that an average player in top condition plays way better than a superstar on normal condition. You may like to take this into account, or at least put them among the substitutes.


You can pre-assign gameplan under your TEAM menu in the Formation Menu. You can pre-assign up to four, and I will share the 3 most effective ones.

  1. Counter Attack – Your players move forward fast and spread out all over the field in an attempt to move the ball upfield quickly. Use this in the 2nd half when you are chasing for the equalizer. Alternatively, when you are leading by a goal, your opponent will attack in numbers to equalize. Use counter attack to expose their gaps at the back.
  2. Switch Flank – Your LW switches to the Right, while your RW switches to the left. Your Left-footed LW will be able to cut into the box easily when he is at the right flank, and take a shot at the far post with his left foot. Activate and de-activate this throughout the game to confuse your opponent.
  3. CB Overlap – You CB charges forward, making a late run into the box. Use this when chasing for an equalizer. The CB will be unmarked as he moves upfield into the box. Assign a fast defender with strong shot power. He will be the turning point you need in an otherwise frustrating game.


Having an idea of your opponent’s formation and players allow you to plan on neutralizing them.


  • Identify weak links in the team. They have a weak LB? This is your chance to attack with your right flank. They have short CBs? You cross high balls into the box.
  • Mark key players aggressively to limit their effectiveness. The markers close them down quickly. Mark one creative midfielder, and 1 powerful Forward/ Winger.

These are the tactics and strategies I use in every match.

Weaker teams provide me with an unrivalled sense of satisfaction after every achievement, while top teams give me a chance to play beautiful football.

These strategies will allow you to enjoy PES more and bring your game to a higher level.

Main image credits: Konami