PES Everton Formation

After my first 12 games on Top difficulty with Everton, I am quite impressed that I am in 2nd place, managing to defeat Liverpool and Chelsea, while losing to Man Utd.

Not too great, but it is a good challenge.

In this post, I will like to share my thoughts about Everton.

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2 Thoughts about Everton

1. Everton has very few defenders.
2. Everton has MANY strikers! Just take a look!

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Most promising Striker: 37 Baxter

His development chart as follows.

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Transfer Tips

  • Sell most of the young strikers.
  • Sign one or two defenders as backup
  • Groom Baxter.
  • Sign Baxter if you are from another club.

Tactics and Formation

PES 2010 Everton uses a 4-5-1 formation, a suitable formation considering the players they have.

My Preferred Line-up (Slight adjustments from default)

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Fellaini in CM as he is very tall and strong. Helps win headers and tackles in the middle.

Arteta In Central AMF as due to special ability as a ‘Central Player’.

CFs: Yakubu or Saha. Yakubu is Right Legged, Saha is Left-legged. You can switch to 4-4-2 to utilise both of them. Use Jo only when necessary. Groom young Baxter when possible.


Everton has a talented group of midfielders.

Phil Neville provide excellent defensive duties and attacking options.

Fellaini win balls and possess great attacking talent.

Arteta and Cahill have superb technical abilities. They have good ball control and shooting skills.

Pienaar is a decent winger.

Striker Yakubu has speed to outpace defenders, strong to challenge for headers.

Use Joseph Yobo as an Attacking CB.


Outside of the first team, most players are weak.

In midfield, Osman is the only decent substitute.

Rodwell can stand in for CM, as his height is 188cm. (Tall players are able to challenge for high balls)

The rest of the squad are young and lacks real skill.

Word of Advice

EvertonĀ brings a new challenge, by using a mid-table team to fight for honours. Ensure you bring in sufficient back-up players to replace your stars when they grow in fatigue.

Main image credit: Konami