PES 09 In-Depth Guide – Tricks, FAQs (Crossing)

In the previous article, I covered the dribbling aspect of PES 09. Now, Let’s touch on the crossing area of PES 09.

Having worked your way up the flanks of your opponent’s half, it is of utmost importance to deliver a good cross, or your opponent would launch a quick counter-attack to make you pay.

If you find it hard to score from crosses in PES 09, perhaps this advice could help.

Firstly, I would set the crossing control to option 5. With this option, I can control the power of my cross by holding (circle). When required, I can also choose to use the assisted cross (L + circle). I would prefer the manual cross for accuracy, but the assisted one is useful when you have a defender breathing down your neck.

You can use (R x 2) while holding (circle) to whip in a high-arc crosses. At times, change flanks by crossing the ball to the other side when one flank becomes too crowded. Here are some points to note when crossing in PES 09.

The position of your player would affect your cross. When your player is near the edge of box, you will have a bigger area to aim for, as compared to when you are at the goal-line.

For more accuracy, remember to turn in to face the penalty area when you start to cross. Using the radar, aim for players at the near post, far post, or outside the box, adjusting your power and direction.

When crossing near the goal-line, attempt a low cross ( Hold L + [circle x 3] ). The goalkeeper might push it out for a corner, push it to your onrushing striker, or even fumble it over his goal-line!

The 4th method might be a little cheap in PES 09 so you should not use it too often if you are uncomfortable.

When rushing towards the corner flag with a chasing defender, you could choose to turn back and cross with your other leg. This would evade the defender.

At times, your sideback might be just behind the winger. Passing the ball back for the side back to cross into the box first time could open up the angle.

With these tips on hand, make your crosses count in PES 09!

Main image credits: Konami