PES Master League

There are many things to do when you begin a Master League mode in PES 2013.

If you are just starting out with a new team, this post will serve as a handy quick-start guide.

Starting out

pes 2013 master league

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PES 2013 Master League mode starts off with a mini-movie, with some dude, probably your agent, promoting you to the club’s director/senior management.

You then can choose your name, appearance, and team.

pes master league team selection

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If you wish to use real players, choose the Club Team Lineup.

master league

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Once everything is done, your agent shakes the hand of the director, and you are hired.

pes press conference

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You are then unveiled to the press. Tell them you are the ‘Special One’ ?

After meeting your secretary and talking to your team, you can get things going in Master League.

Settling Your Game Plan

pes 2013 game plan

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The first thing to do is to go to your game plan, under My Team -> Game Plan. Preset 4 formations and other tactical options such that you don’t have to do that before every match. Also, ensure that the first 7 substitutes on the left consists of players across all positions.

pes squad list

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Next, under My Team -> Squad List, you can look through all your players, and place them on the transfer list if required.

pes 2013 master league training

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In My Team -> Training, you can adjust how much focus you wish to put into each aspect of your team. The amount of focus points will depend on the coach you hire. This will be mentioned again later in this post. As the season progress, you may gain additional points too. Personally, I will focus on the aspect my team is weak in.

Equipping Items

pes item shop

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Under Items -> Shop, you can use points to purchase items to aid your training. I do not use this option as I find this unrealistic. Your players may become too good for your opponents over time and this kills the game.

pes master league boots boosting

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In Items -> Item List -> Boots, you can equip boots you unlocked to players in your team. Boots will be unlocked as you progress in Master League, and equipping them to your players will give them a stats boost. I use a patch to disable this feature, thus the boots in my game are just for aesthetic purpose.

pes master league equipment

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You can equip items you bought or unlocked in Items -> Equipment


pes 2013 list of targets

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Now is time to buy players. Head to Negotiations -> List of Targets to find players which can be purchased easily. In this list, the Chances of signing (in the Scouting Report on the right) will be close to 100%, making it very easy to sign.

You can identify players and add them to a shortlist, accessible via Negotiations -> Favourites.

pes master league advance search

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Use Negotiations -> Advance Search to set specific parameters to find your ideal players. When scrolling through the list, keep an eye on the ‘Chance of Signing’ and make an offer if it is 80% or higher. Generally, I find that Side Backs are easier to sign than players in other positions.

You can also try bidding for players with a low level of affection towards their team, pressing R2/RT in the players list.

Getting Sponsored

pes master league sponsors

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Take a look at your team’s sponsors in Finances -> Sponsors List. There is nothing much you can do here. The number of sponsors will grow as your team wins trophies.

Backroom Staff

pes 2013 coach

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Choose your backroom staff in Finances -> Hire Staff. Ideally, choose the staff on a 5 million salary if you can afford it. Sometimes, there are more than 1 staff on that salary, thus choose one that fits your needs. I prefer this guy over the other as he is more well-balanced, though he has less focus points to spend in training.

pes 2013 athletic trainer

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Players’ form are very important, to ensure they are at least on a green arrow for majority of the match. For Athletic trainer, I will choose this guy over the other.

pes 2013 scout

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Your choice of scout depends on your transfer strategy. If you adopt the style of Bayern Munich and likes to purchase top players from domestic rival, this scout will fit your needs very well. There are scouts that specialise in young players, or foreign teams as well.

pes 2013 club doctor

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Although players seldom gets injured, I will hire the best doctor.

And that is basically all about starting a new Master League in PES 2013. If you are ever bored of your appearance, go to System -> Appearance Settings and give yourself a new hairstyle!

pes manager appearance

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I hope you find this guide useful, and have fun in PES Master League!

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