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PES Master League Tutorial

What an astonishing transfer window we had just witnessed, with all the mind-blowing deadline deals. Won’t it be interesting for all these drama to occur in PES 2011 Master League too?

As we all know, funds are very limited in Master League and we can’t be going out there buying all the star players (unless we activate the mode expansion kit to start off with maximum funds). Thus in this post I will like to share my use of funds to ensure a realistic and challenging game.


Perhaps I am motivated by Arsenal’s way of business. I prefer to nurture my own talent, as opposed to splashing out on star players. Yes I do execute big signings from time to time, but my funds limit the frequency of such incidences. Thus, when my Master League begins, I pour most of my money into Staff Upgrades, till they are at the maximum level. This is a huge early investment but it always pay off for me, mainly in terms of short recovery from injury, and fast improvement in players’ stats.

Investing In Top Staff for Future Benefits. Image credit: Konami

With top coaches, players develop quickly, saving you the cost of signing a top player. In my Arsenal team after 2 seasons, most of my default players grew into top players.

Image credit: Konami

The above picture shows the improvement my players after 2 years. The ratings on the left were taken at the start of PES 2011 Master League, and the one on the right shows the current ratings my team has, in the middle of the second season. Just this reason alone will justify investing in top staff.

Youth Team and Fan Club

I pour in maximum funds for these two areas as well. Fan club provides you with revenue, and I believe the amount of merchandise sales is linked to this area as well. Investing in Youth Team will bring you quality young players, or regenerated players. On average, there should be one or two promising youths a year. From the previous screenshot, you may have noticed I have a defender called Palmeiri. He was signed from the youth team, and grew from a rating of 83 to its present 93 in just two years. Thus, youth team is worth investing in.

Team Salary

As your players grow in ratings, they will tend to ask for higher salary. Give in too much and you risk depleting your accounts, negotiate with them and they might reject your offer and leave on a free transfer. It can be quite challenging at times. For me, I usually negotiate a little with them by bringing down their request to the average of their current, and new salary. E.g If Van Persie’s current salary is 4 million and he asked for 6 million, I will offer 5 million, sometimes a little more than 5 million. This usually goes fine. However, for your star players, it might be better off giving in, than risk losing them for free, especially in their final contract year.

And this concludes my sharing on Master League. If you have any strategies to share, please leave a comment! Thanks!

Main image credit: Konami