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PES Knuckle Shot Tutorial

The knuckleshot is an awesome shot, and definitely a skill you have to master. It is fast, it is powerful, it is unpredictable, it is hard for any goal keeper to keep out of the net. Even if the goal keepers manage to get a touch to it, they are unable to hold on to it. This allows strikers in the box to pounce on the rebound and score an easy goal.

A knuckleshot is a great way to score, but it might be quite a challenge to pull off the shot. In this post, I shall offer a few tricks, which I hope to smoothen your learning curve.

It does not matter which PES version you are playing, as the way to execute it remains the same.

Executing a Knuckleshot

To execute a knuckleshot in PES,

  1. Press Shoot to charge up power to desired amount.
  2. Tap shoot just before the player makes contact with the ball.

The timing for the second step is crucial. Too early a tap will send the ball sky high, while any delay makes no difference to the shot. So when do we tap the shoot button the second time?

Tap shoot at this time. Image credit: Konami

This is the moment. Tap shoot the moment when your player swings his leg back to strike the ball. The technique and timing is similar, for both set pieces and open play.

This may get some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will be tempted to take a knuckleshot from way out at any opportunity!

Knuckleshot Ability

A point to note is that not every player in the game has the ability to pull off a knuckleshot. If you have been practising with one player and it is just not paying off, move on to the next. A recommended way to begin training will be to start off with Cristiano Ronaldo. After you have more or less grasped the timing, you can move on to try this out with players in your team. Established strikers in the game may not execute it no matter how hard you try, while some generated young players in the Master League can pull this off, thus you may want to give everyone a chance.

Doing It Right

So how do you know if you are doing it right? Simply, a normal shot spins, while a knuckleshot does not. Do check out your replay after every shot and adjust your timing according.

Something to note is that personally I find it easier to execute a knuckleshot during a free kick, as opposed to open play. If you are attempting this shot in open play, it is also worthwhile to note that knuckleshot can only be executed from long distance. I would estimate it to be beyond 30m from goal. If we were to divide a soccer field into 4 quarters, with our penalty box being the first quarter and the opponent’s penalty box being the fourth quarter, we should only attempt knuckleshot in the third quarter. Once we enter the fourth quarter, it may be hard for a knuckleshot to be executed.

And here is a PES video showing a demonstration, and a knuckleshot goal.

Main image credit: Konami


  1. Avatar

    It’ll be a busy weekend in training mode for me!

    Again, thanks Neo.

  2. Zed Author

    Thanks! Glad that you find it useful!

  3. Avatar

    hello neo
    which stats to look to do this trick

    thank you

  4. Zed Author

    Hi there,

    I have done a research on the players, and there isn’t any special stats to look out for. Ronaldo can do it, Pepe can do it, and by checking their stats, they have nothing much in common. Thus I believe it depends on the player. Examples of other players who can perform this includes Nasri, Diaby, Rosicky and Adebayor, thus we would have to test this out with all our players 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Hi Zed, for keyboard settings, what do I press for R1 and R2? Thanks for your help.

  6. Zed Author

    Hi Wei Jie,

    For keyboard, R1 will be E, R2 will be C, by default 🙂

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    hey brother thanks a lot for your help in this game,i found them very interesting and especially this one,although my biggest challenge for pes 2011 right now is to dribble my opponent in the field.
    I’m finding it very hard to do and i would really appreciate it if you could give us some tips to master our dribbling too please..

    Thanks in advance Neo…

  8. Avatar

    You are a legend Neo. Great tips 🙂

  9. Zed Author

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks! Glad to be of help!

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    Neo, you are the man,keep doing this,this is crazy….

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    Hi,Neo. Is there any chance where you will do a shooting tutorial?

    I really don’t understand the essence of shooting in this game. IN PES 2010, When you are 1 on 1 with the keeper, Its usually 90% goal. But in Pes 2011, I feel its 50-50 chance. Whenever i have an opportuniy to shoot 1v1.

  12. Avatar

    hi neo
    1st of great website! can you tell me what the best system to use for ac milan and who can perform the knuckle shot in that team, really struggleing to beat my mate an love some help on best tectics

    many thanks

  13. Avatar

    hi Neo,

    Funtastic tutorial!But this is for pc or ps3?

    i tryed many times…but…i can get goal…

    do you have another way to do that?

  14. Avatar

    Hi Neo,

    Your tactics throughout all this forum has been of great help. I have a friend of mine that keeps on challenging me to score a goal better that one he keeps boasting about, and I showed my knuckleshot goal by Ronaldo to him. I owned him 😛 Thanks for you help 😀

    And I’ve noticed that in that goal you posted by Nasri, the ball kind of spinned, is it just me or…

    So, I’m hoping that I’m not being too harsh on you but, could you explain to me a bit more about knuckle-shots. For my records, that Ronaldo goal must have been a coincidence. I’ve tried to do it again several times with Ozil but I never met my expectations. Is it when the player’s foot is as highest when he pulls it back or just at the instance he hits the ball? When I do it at the time you post your pic, I keep on getting bad results (sailing way above the crossbar). Looking forward to your reply;


  15. Zed Author

    Hello Miton,

    My video is from the PC version of PES 2011. I am afraid you might have to work on your timing, as this would be the only recognised way.. Good luck!

  16. Zed Author


    Sure I will work on that! Thanks!

  17. Zed Author

    Hi Yaeesh,

    Glad I could be of help! Regarding your query, I would like to point out that when the ball sail way over the crossbar, it means that u have pressed the shoot button too early the second time. Perhaps you would like to delay your timing by a little. I would not say that it is exactly when the foot is at the highest, or the instance he hits the ball. The whole situation happens to fast, for me to be able to accurately determine the exact timing. However, I would believe the timing will be when the player’s foot is swinging down from the highest point. In addition, it will be too late when he has made contact with the ball. Hope this helps, Yaeesh!

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    The second shoot right before the contact with the ball…its just a simple click or full bar?

  19. Avatar


    another question…

    when you shoot you choose a side?or its just shoot?

  20. Zed Author

    Hi Milton,

    I tend to choose a side to aim for, usually the far side. If you just press shoot, the direction might be pretty random 🙂

  21. Zed Author

    Hi Milton, the second shoot will be a simple click. The power bar is not supposed to increase when done right. Good luck!

  22. Avatar

    hi Neo,

    Thank´s for your help!
    I will try it hard!

  23. Avatar

    omg guys i dont know what to press plz write

  24. Zed Author

    Hi Luka,

    You will have to try to tap shoot once, and tap shoot again the second time before the striker make contact with the ball.

  25. Avatar

    hi NEO

    this shoot its not easy to do,,,

    tell me some great players to try it better…

    the first shhot it´s at midle bar or quarter?and the second is just before the leg contact with the ball right?

  26. Zed Author

    Hi Milton,

    C Ronaldo is the best player to try it. For the first shot, it does not matter how much power you accumulated. The second is during the period where the player swing his leg back, to just before the contact.

  27. Avatar

    Hi Neo,
    Great tutorial, didn’t even know of knuckleshot :D.It looks cool but I barely score even in tutorial mode.
    P.S: Can you bring some examples of players who can do it?

  28. Avatar

    hi Neo

    NO way…. to score…the shoot it always with power…not it effects!

    Neo, the second shoot is when the leg is backing or when the leg ir right to shoot?

    This process (2 shoots) its slow…or very fast 2 shoots?because i already try many many times…many many ways….and nothing!the chip shot its very nice!i already do it easyly!thank´s

  29. Avatar

    How much power to apply in knuckle shot and i have been trying by your technique whole day long but its still not working out can you just give me some more tips and tell me how much power to apply? thanks
    And also the website is great.Its got loads of technique.

  30. Avatar

    Also i have a psp .can you give me reply according to its keys Plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  31. Avatar

    i dont understand this sometime i get it right sometimes i dont should you tap the power button again or should you keep it in?and who can it be performed with?and should you be running at a speed when doing it?please help me i need to master this art

  32. Avatar

    and should you still hold the directional button while performing the second shot?should you only press the power button?at where exactly should you place the first shots power bar?sorry for the all the question lol

  33. Avatar

    hey Neo how much second in knuckle shoot pls help me

  34. Avatar

    Can someone tell me how can i do topspin free kick???I allready mastered knuckleball….

  35. Zed Neo Author

    I think pressing Up during the freekick will help? It adds power to it.

  36. Zed Neo Author

    Oh is hard to say how many second.. i believe you must press shoot at the point where the striker swing his leg back.

  37. Zed Neo Author

    oh the directional button will not matter much but usually i just held on to it.

  38. Avatar

    Man you are a legend for PES fans. I tried with many players and getting great results. Even Leidson and Danny can do it at times. Thanks it rocks

  39. Zed Neo Author

    i think if you are running at speed the shot power will be higher. Various players can do this, though these players differ from versions. In PES 2013, players will the Knuckleshot skill card will have a higher chance of executing this shot.

  40. Zed Neo Author

    This may not be possible in the PSP..

  41. Zed Neo Author

    Thanks 🙂
    Power should be around half, slightly more if you are quite far away from goal.

  42. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Milton,

    The delay between pressing the shoot button is rather short. You should press the second shoot when the leg is swung back to the maximum.

  43. Zed Neo Author

    Ronaldo is the main man 🙂 Check out the skill cards in PES 2013!

  44. Zed Neo Author

    thanks for the compliment 🙂

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