pes chip shot

PES Chip Shot


In this post, I shall share with all of you another great way to score goals in PES: the low chip shot.

2 Kinds of Chip Shots

There are two kinds of chip shot in PES, the low chip shot and the high chip shot. This post covers the low chip shot.

Steps to execute the low chip shot in PES

  1. Hold down Shoot button
  2. Hold down Sprint button
  3. Release Shoot Button

These three steps are usually carried out quickly, as we do not have much time to waste once a 1-on-1 opportunity with the keeper comes along. A low chip shot is useful in PES when you are in a position where the keeper has covered your shooting angle. As the keeper goes to ground in an attempt to grab the ball from you, the best way to score will be to simply chip the ball over him into goal.

Ace the Timing

Timing of the chip shot needs some getting used to. You should prepare to chip the ball as the keeper rushes out and is 3-4 steps away from pouncing onto your striker’s feet. I believe the video below will help you in estimate the timing of the shot!

And that concludes the PES low chip shot tutorial!

Main image credit: Konami


  1. Avatar

    Do you need to choose a direction as well while shooting?

  2. Avatar

    hi Neo,

    Another great tutorial!

    This 3 steps itยดs at same time?
    Because When you press shoot….its shoot right?

  3. Zed Author

    Hi Milton,

    Thanks! The steps are done quickly one after another. When you hold down shoot, it charges up the power. Your player will only shoot when you release the button, so you have to execute the rest of the steps quickly WHILE you are holding down Shoot.

  4. Zed Author

    Hi SBR,

    Yes you do. Chip LEFT, RIGHT, or STRAIGHT AHEAD!

  5. Avatar

    Great tutorial Zed as always. Here is my technique, which may help some understand better:

    My player is through and has only the GK to beat.

    As I get into the GK’s territory, just before the point where he usually rushes, I will shoot, and direct the shot as normal, my aim is to put the ball past the GK.
    I am watching the GK vigilantly as the sequence takes place very quickly and you have only a couple of yards between you & the GK.
    I have my finger on R1 as I take the shot, ready to tap it, if the GK rushes. When he does I quickly tap R1, while the power guage is on but before the player strikes the ball.
    If the GK stands his ground, I don’t tap R1, and the player takes a normal shot.

    This shot is lethal after a fair bit of practice, and enhances your game exponentially. Hope that helps… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Avatar

    Hey Neo,

    Any chance explaining high chip shots.. Anytime I try and execute one the ball either goes slightly wide or over the bar. Cheers

  7. Zed Author

    Hi Gola,

    The high chip is hard to execute. I have a few videos of high chip shot goals, however they aren’t really nice. I will upload them in the next post!

  8. Avatar

    Don’t mention it Zed, glad someone appreciated my effort. That said you’re tutorials are amazing and put together very nicely. Thanks for providing such a vast resource for those of us who are passionate about the game’ ๐Ÿ™‚ your effort is very much appreciated.

  9. Zed Author

    Thanks Ramone, I am glad you guys like what I enjoy doing!

  10. Avatar

    i find the high chip shot extremely easy to score from, u just have to adjust the power and shot left if u are on the right side and vice versa.

  11. Zed Author

    High Chip? I find it quite a challenge. Thus, thanks for your advice! Shall try it!

  12. Avatar

    I Think easier that you push the shoot button and after the goalkeeper near you press the run button. it will do a low chip shoot too

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