pes 2014 updates

PES 2014 Updates

PES 2014 is scheduled to be released either in September or October 2013.

UPDATE – PES 2014 will be released on September 24.

Judging from the release dates of the current and previous versions – PES 2013 (21st September), PES 2012 (14th October), PES 2011 (8th October), PES 2010 (22nd October), it is hard to predict. With several complains of game inbalance in online multiplayer mode, we can only hope that Konami do not rush production to meet an early release date and miss out on some important gameplay issues.


As usual, more licenses are expected to be added to the current offerings. With a loyal South American fan base, Konami will be adding the Argentinian League into the game. Same goes for Chilean League, and South American Cup Competition. Brazillian stadiums could be included as well. There is also a possibility that Liga Adelante may be present in PES 2014. Teams from English Premier League are likely to remain unlicensed, but that shouldn’t be a real problem, with many expert editors out there to create PES 2014 patches for us all. The Asian Champions League will be included as well, giving players exclusive access to many Asian teams.

PES 2014 AFC
Asian fans will be able to use their favourite teams in PES 2014. Image credit: AFC Champions League
PES argentine league
Argentinian League will be in PES 2014. Image credit: Konami

Boot Boosting

Boot boosting mode will be removed as well. I personally dislike starting Master League with players all wearing ugly black boots. Boot boosting also gives players unrealistically high abilities. Playing with real boots provides a sense of realism to the game. Since this can be achieved with a PES patch, the removal of this feature has little significance.

default boots in PES
Boot Boosting will be scrap, thankfully. Image credit: Konami


Other than Fine and Rainy, Snow will be a selectable weather option in PES 2014. Honestly speaking, this does not add much excitement, unless playing conditions and players’ form will be affected by the weather. It will be interesting if passes go out of place due to a slippery pitch. 3rd kits will also be included in PES 2014, perhaps to reduce the possibilities of a clash in kit colours between teams.

UPDATE – There will be no rain mode in PES 2014 🙁

PES 2013 Snow Patch
Brrr… Snow Patch. Image from PES-Patch.

We can expect a change in the overall feel of the game, as a new Fox game engine will be used. Even though PS4 and Xbox One is scheduled to be released in a few months time, Konami has announced that PES 2014 will still be released for the existing PS3, Xbox, and PC. I guess most loyal players will not make the switch to the next-gen console so quickly, and this is a wise move by Konami. Despite that being the case, Konami has promised next-gen graphics and gameplay for PES 2014 on current consoles by working with Havok, a provider of game development technology, so hopefully we can be pleasantly surprised.

New Features

A number of new features with cool sounding buzzwords are promised in PES 2014. The first being ‘The Core’, which simply means improved gameplay and graphics, which include players’ emotions, and perspiration running down their faces. Graphics of stadiums, balls, kits and the pitch will also be improved. From the video, it looks pretty good, but they may not be noticeable unless we are using close up cameras.

Next is ‘TrueBall Tech’, which promises to improve the realism when we control the player with the ball. Improving realism is used every year by Fifa and PES, so I guess this is something we have to test out ourselves.

What sounds really interesting is the ‘Team Play’. Seems like we are able to pre-adjust team tactics such that a number of teammates can work together to make runs and create more goal scoring opportunities. This can potentially make every match a real tactical battle, as players work hard to implement real-life game tactics into PES. A concern here is that some players may find a lethal tactical combination and exploit it, just like what happened to Chipped Through passes in 2013, which will render this ‘Team Play’ option redundant.

There is the ‘Heart’, which brings Home Advantage into the game. The crowd can also spur the players on during matches. I feel that certain elements of this is already present in PES 2013, where our players perform better at certain moments, and fade off in others. Read more about The Heart.

Set piece systems will be changed as well. There will be a dotted line to show the expected flight of the ball.

And finally, we are able to change teams in Master League!

Youtube contains a number of demo gameplay between Bayern Munich and Santos. From the looks of it, there seemed to be no visible difference between PES 2014 and PES 2013. Perhaps the game is still in the development phase and it will improve upon release.

Some new, cool looking control scheme to spice things up.

PES 2014 Controls (1)
PES 2014 Controls (2)
Image credit: Konami


The introduction of a new game engine could possible mean that previous game techniques and strategies will no longer work, which may provide a level playing field for all players as prior experience in Pro Evolution Soccer will no longer count for much. In any case, PESMastery will be experimenting with PES 2014 once it is released and bring you the latest PES 2014 tutorials!

This post will be updated regularly as new PES 2014 news are released so do visit this post again!

Main image credit: Konami


  1. Avatar

    I hope PES 2014 will be much better than PES 2013.

  2. Avatar

    Zed, what do you think about the transfer in Pes 2013 Master League? Is it good or bad? For me, i think it’s bad because I can’t make a bid for the player that I want to buy like in real world. If Konami could fix this, I would appreciate it very much.

  3. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Ammar,

    Thanks for your question. I play Master League frequently, and I agree that it is quite hard to buy the players that you really want. In this sense, it can be considered realistic, but irritating at times, so I guess there are pros and cons, haha.

    What I try to do is to hire the right scout, depending on whether you wish to sign young or veteran players, and if they are from top teams or normal teams. I also scour through the list of players, keeping an eye on the Scouting Report and will only make a bid if the Chances of Signing is 80% or above. Generally I find it easier to sign SB as compared to players in other positions, for some reason.

    I do hope that the transfer system in PES 2014 is developed to your liking!


  4. Avatar

    Zed, can I ask you something? I was wondering how did you start your career in Master League? Can you please make another tutorial about how to start the Master League in PES 2013. Tell us what you always do for the first thing and so on. If you can make the tutorial I would appreciate it but I did not force you to do it. Thank you.

  5. Zed Neo Author

    Hi Ammar,

    Do you mean master league offline? Sure, I can do that 🙂 I recognize that you are a member of PES Academy, and will contact you via your registered email once the tutorial is done. Thanks for the post idea!

  6. Avatar

    Wow! Really?! Thank you so much Zed! 🙂

  7. Avatar

    I hope you make it possible to have more than one position as a player starting become a legend.

  8. Avatar

    It seems like you might have experience with the best scouts….

    I am playing with my cousin on the highest level in master league.
    We finished 16th in the best division and have big problems getting players (we are 214th in club ranking) (most of our players are at 80-something).
    ALL the players we COULD use are at 1-2% (stupid system btw).
    Our scout is a 1.000.000 guy…… much impact do the scouts have?
    Does anyone have any experience with the best scouts?
    We really need to improve our chances of completing transfers, since we are losing players and cant get new ones of a high enough level

  9. Avatar

    looks like there will be no more off the ball control and speed merchant !

  10. Avatar

    in PES 2014 could we hope to see I League (Indian National League)

  11. Avatar

    “This post will be updated regularly as New PES 2014 news are released”

    … still waiting…

  12. Avatar

    i hope they will change master league

    that u can change your team as manager ..

    that would be awesome

  13. Zed Neo Author

    Yes I think you can do that in PES 2014!

  14. Zed Neo Author


    Thanks for your comment. Currently I am redesigning the layout of the website to give it a new look and improve loading time. PES 2014 post will be updated after the revamp to avoid conflicts between my database and the one my developer is working on.

  15. Avatar

    So that is why you’re so quiet lately.. I thought you’ve lost your interest in PES. 🙁

  16. Zed Neo Author

    Oh, of course not, haha. Sorry for the inactiveness while I work on the website revamp.

  17. Avatar

    When will you finish this website revamp?

  18. Zed Neo Author

    In 1 or 2 weeks I hope!

  19. Avatar

    Does anyone know which Asian leagues have been licenced? I have checked the trophies/achievemnent list and there is a achievement for winning the asian treble (trophy name is ruler of asia)

  20. Avatar

    can some enlightening me and tell me what i`m i missing in passing !

    why player doesn`t come for the ball to receive the pass ?

  21. Zed N Author

    Hi Sepo,

    Do you mean that your player stay still and wait for the pass to come to him? When passing, what I will do is to control the receiver, and make a run towards the ball to receive the pass. This allows me to pass and receive the ball at a faster rate, it also reduces the chances of an interception. Let me know if I interpret your question correctly 🙂


  22. Avatar

    Hai there,master league offline still dont have coach mode?..i read somewhere that konami added back coach mode for master league offline with the newest that correct?..uninstall the game because they dont remove coach mode..excuse my english.

  23. Zed N Author

    Hi Ejan,

    I think there is no coach mode in Master League Offline.
    We can skip the match and get a result instantly, but it seems we cant play solely as coach anymore.


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