Konami New Football Game / PES 2022?

Konami recently released a new football game that is available for download on PS5, PS4, XBox Series S, XBox Series X, and XBox One.

Although the release was termed an ‘Online Performance Test’, many fans are speculating that it is an early build of PES 2022.

Open Beta Test Details

Access your console’s store, download “New Football Game Online Performance Test”, and launch it.

You will have the chance to be matched against players all over the world.

Cross play is available between PS5 and PS4, and the 3 XBox consoles. Cross play between PS and XBox is still unavailable.


The immediate observation is the addition of a cursor and directional arrow below your player.

Image credit: Konami

This leads some players to believe that it is a port of the PES mobile version to console for the network test. The cursor also reminds us of the days playing ISS.

Brand new cutscenes of players warming up, stadium shots, and sprinklers certainly adds excitement to PES 2022’s release.

Image credit: Konami

Other than that, graphics in general is of low resolution. There can be no complains here as this is stated to be an online performance test rather than a demo for PES 2022.


Choose from Man Utd, Bayern Munich, Juventus, and Barcelona. They are the usual Konami’s partner clubs in Europe, and should satisfy a large percentage of the fan base.

Image credit: Konami

New Controls

The beta has introduced a number of new controls that need some getting used to.

Physical Defending

Credit: Konami

Ball Control

Credit: Konami

Knock On

Credit: Konami

Match Up

Credit: Konami


The new football game beta provide us players with a taste of what is to come, and breaks up the monotony of PES 2021. There will be further announcement from Konami on July 21st so lets stay tuned for that.

Main image credit: Konami