Top 10 Versatile Players You Can Buy

Whether we are just starting out in the Master League or Master League Online, funds tend to be very limited. This restricts us from signing decent players to serve as backup to the starting eleven. But if there are versatile players in our team, players that can play in 6 or more different positions, it will be a bonus to us since they can provide cover for a number of players.


In this post are the top 10 versatile players in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 that are ‘buyable’, meaning that top players who plays for top clubs will not be included in this list, since it is like unlikely that a new team can afford them. Thus, I will rule out the top 200+ players, and only include players below the rating of 82. And since money is an issue, estimated transfer fees will be below 10 million euros. In fact, the players in this list are all cost 7 million euros and below.

In addition, I am sure most of us will not wish to sign a player whose abilities are on a decline. As a result, players above the age of 30 will not be included as well.

In summary, the filters in place are
Play in 6 positions or more
Below 82 rating
Estimated transfer fee less than 10 million
Below the age of 30

Player List

And here goes.

Number 10: Engin Baytar
Club: Galatasaray
Age: 29
Rating: 78
Position: LWF, RWF, AMF, LMF, RMF, CMF, LB, RB
Estimated Transfer Fee: 7 million euros
Remarks: A decent player with good dribbling skills, ball control and stamina, he will be a good addition to the flanks.

Number 9: Dudka
Club: Levante
Age: 28
Rating: 76
Position: LMF, RMF, CMF, DMF, LB, CB, RB
Estimated Transfer Fee: 3 million euros
Remarks: He has average technical abilities, but possess decent physical attributes that makes him a good purchase at just 3 million.

Number 8: Ederson
Club: Lazio
Age: 26
Rating: 79
Position: LWF, RWF, AMF, LMF, RMF, CMF
Estimated Transfer Fee: 6 million euros
Remarks: He is a player with good dribbling skills and is able to support the team’s attack from a number of positions.

Picture 1 - Ederson

Ederson. Image credit: Konami

Number 7: W. Palacios
Club: Stoke City
Age: 28
Rating: 81
Position: SS, AMF, LMF, RMF, CMF, DMF
Estimated Transfer Fee: 7 million euros
Remarks: Here is a decent midfielder available at a good price. He is physically strong and will add steel to the team’s midfield.

Number 6: J. Thomas
Club: West Bromwich Albion
Age: 29
Rating: 79
Position: CF, LWF, RWF, LMF, RMF, CMF
Estimated Transfer Fee: 2 million euros
Remarks: A player with decent dribbling abilities, he is also a rather fast player and is a value-for-money purchase if we are in need of a versatile attacker.

Number 5: Guedioura
Club: Other
Nation: Algeria
Age: 26
Rating: 77
Position: AMF, LMF, RMF, CMF, DMF, LB, CB, RB
Estimated Transfer Fee: 4 million euros
Remarks: He has rather average ratings, but do possess 5 dribbling player index cards, making him a worthwhile investment.

Picture 2 - Guedioura

Guedioura. Image credit: Konami

Number 4: Rosina
Club: Siena
Age: 28
Rating: 78
Position: SS, LWF, RWF, AMF, LMF, RMF
Estimated Transfer Fee: 1 millon euros
Remarks: A technically blessed player available at a great price! He possess good dribbling and passing skills.

Number 3: Jankovic
Club: Genoa
Age: 28
Rating: 76
Position: SS, LWF, RWF, AMF, LMF, RMF, CMF
Estimated Transfer Fee: 3 million euros
Remarks: Despite a rating of 76, he has good abilities for an attacker. Decent technical skills, good with both foot, good shot power, he will be a good purchase.

Number 2: Krohn-Dehli
Club: Celta Vigo
Age: 29
Rating: 80
Position: CF, SS, LWF, RWF, AMF, LMF, RMF, LB, RB
Estimated Transfer Fee: 3 million euros.
Remarks: A truly versatile player, able to play in 9 different positions from defence to attack. At 3 million, he is a real bargain. His greatest strength lies in his speed, making him a suitable candidate for any role on the flanks.

Picture 3 - Krohn-Dehli

Krohn-Dehli. Image credit: Konami

Number 1: Nicolita
Club: AS Saint-Etienne
Age: 27
Rating: 80
Position: SS, LWF, RWF, AMF, LMF, RMF, CMF, LB, RB
Estimated Transfer Fee: 3 million euros.
Remarks: Another versatile player available on the cheap. He can be relied upon to fill almost all positions in the team.
Reason for top spot – Play in 9 positions, available for 3 million euros, decent rating of 80, and at a prime age of 27.

Picture 4 - Nicolita

Nicolita. Image credit: Konami

That concludes the list. Do you agree? If you have a recommended versatile player, share it in the comments below.

Main image credit: Konami


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