PES Player Playing Styles

Welcome to PESMastery’s Playing Styles Guide. In this tutorial, we will cover the different playing styles in PES.

What are Playing Styles

‘Playing Styles’ refer to, well, the style of play adopted by the player. This can be found in the rectangular box below the player’s rating. Not every player in PES 2014 is assigned a Playing Style.

Ronaldo's Playing Style: Prolific Winger

Ronaldo’s Playing Style: Prolific Winger. Image credit: Konami

Playing Styles is categorised under PES Player Index Cards. Another type of Player Index cards is ‘Player Skills’.

‘Player Skills’ are the dribbling and technical skills which the player possess that allows them to pull off a skill successfully. These are indicated by the cards with numbers and icons below the preferred position of the player.

Ronaldo has 8 Player Skills card

Ronaldo has 8 Player Skills card. Image credit: Konami

This guide focuses on Playing Styles. For information on Player Skills, please refer to this PES 2014 Player Skills tutorial.

PES 2014 Playing Styles

There are 18 different types of playing styles in PES 2014.

Playing Style: Goal Poacher
Description: A predatory striker who plays off the shoulders of the last defender
Top players: Cavani, Milito, Di Natale
Tip: Place these players in an advanced striking position and send through balls for them to chase.

Playing Style: Dummy Runner
Description: A player who attracts the defence to create space for other players to exploit.
Top players: Rooney, Tevez, Villa
Tip: These players make good CF and SS. The AI will automatically make them run away from their original positions, drawing defenders away and create space for the player you are controlling.

Playing Style: Fox in the Box
Description: A striker who lurks in the opposition 18 yards box just waiting for the ball.
Top players: Falcao, Lewandowski, Dzeko
Tip: Just keep them in the box and pass the ball to them both in the air and on the ground. They have fast reactions and are able to take shots quickly in the box.

Playing Style: Target Man
Description: A player who becomes the focal point of attack by holding the ball up in an advanced position.
Top players: Kanoute, Barrios, Ricardo Oliveira
Tip: As much as possible, send high balls into the box for them to head towards goal. Their strength also allows them to shield the ball while other teammates make forward runs past them into the box.

Playing Style: Creative Playmaker
Description: A player who likes to drop off into a deeper position in order to orchestrate the attack.
Top players: Creative Playmaker, Robinho, Cassano
Tip: I use these players to dribble and attempt through balls to my strikers.

Playing Style: Prolific Winger
Description: The winger / striker who likes to cut in from wide into the central area looking to score..
Top players: Ronaldo, Robben, Ribery
Tip: With their high speed, dribbling and shooting ability, you can easily use them to cut in from the wing and take shots at goal. Use the Combination Play ‘Cut Inside’ with these players for best effect.

Playing Style: Classic No. 10
Description: An old-style static playmaker who makes use of deft touches and passes rather than pace or movement.
Top players: Xavi, Riquelme, Ozil
Tip: Use these players to make through passes and chipped through passes. Their passes are a nightmare to defend against.

Playing Style: Hole Player
Description: A player who looks to make runs into the opposition goal when the team is on the attack.
Top players: Iniesta, Silva, Fabregas
Tip: These players are good at dribbling. Use them to keep the ball and create space for your other teammates.

Playing Style: Box to Box
Description: A player who tirelessly covers every blade of grass for the full 90 minutes.
Top players: Valero, Moutinho, Vidal
Tip: You will notice these players everywhere on the pitch. Play them in CM or DM to boss the midfield.

Playing Style:  The Destroyer
Description: A tenacious player who prevents opposition attacks through hard tackling and pressing.
Top players: Pepe, Gargano, Conti
Tip: If your opponents are using tall and strong attackers, you will need these players to match their strength and stop them in their tracks.

Playing Style: Anchor Man
Description: A deep sitting defensive midfielder protecting the backline.
Top players: De Rossi, Cambiasso, Verratti
Tip: I find that this is one of the most important player on the pitch. They somehow possess the ability to win the ball back effortlessly.

Playing Style: The Instigator
Description: A player who likes to drop back in order to receive the ball and trigger attacks from deep.
Top players: Pirlo, Xabi Alonso, David Pizarro
Tip: These players are rather similar to those under ‘Classic No. 10. What I do is to use them and send through passes forward.

Playing Style: Solid Player
Description: A player who always look to strike a perfect balance in attack and defence.
Top players: Peluso, Cassani, Greco
Tip: This is a new playing style in PES 2014. I don’t think this style is really important in your team.

Playing Style: Extra Frontman
Description: A defender who likes to join in the attack and lay siege on the opposition goal at every given opportunity.
Top players: Thiago Silva, Vermaelen, Pique
Tip: I love these players. These CB usually make late forward runs, often unmarked, into the box. Spot these runs and play the ball to them and take a shot on goal. The runs will usually be automatic, although you can also trigger their forward runs with L1+Right analog stick too.

Playing Style: Offensive Fullback
Description: An attack-minded full back who will run upfield and join the attack when presented with a chance.
Top players: Sergio Ramos, Maicon, Armero
Tip: Send in crosses from deep with these players. If you have Dani Alves or Maicon in your team, you can also try taking long shots. Just have to beware of counterattack as you have committed too many players up front.

Playing Style: Defensive Fullback
Description: A solid fullback who prefers to stay back and stick to defensive duties.
Top players: Kana-Biyik, Hakan Balta, Pasanen
Tip: Want to prevent counter attacks, these full backs will be useful as they will never venture upfield to attack.

Playing Style: Offensive Goalkeeper
Description: A keeper playing a sweeper type role who often comes out to cover the area behind the defence.
Top players: Casillas, Frey, Valdes
Tip: I am not particular about the offensive / defensive nature of my goalkeeper.

Playing Style: Defensive Goalkeeper
Description: A solid keeper who prefers to stay around the goal line.
Top players: Neuer, Handanovic, Adler
Tip: Same as above.

Additional Playing Styles Tips

Usually at any time on the pitch, I will avoid having 2 players with similar player style, as they will get in each other’s way and there is little variation in your attack. You can’t have 2 Fox in the Box, or 2 Target Man, as this makes the penalty box a crowded place. One exception will be ‘Prolific Winger’, as in the case of Bayern Munich with Robben and Ribery. In general, I will try to have a variation of playing styles in the starting 11.

Key Playing Styles essential for your success are ‘Box to Box’ and ‘Anchor Man’. The game is usually won in midfield, and by having these 2 players in your team, your midfield will be strong enough to face most teams.

What is your preferred Playing Style?

I hope you find this guide useful. Do you have any preferred playing styles which you feel are crucial in any team? Let me know in the comments section below. Thanks and enjoy your PES 2014!

All images credit: Konami