Arsenal Iconic Moments

I have yet to make any in-game purchase in PES 2021, other than the Arsenal club edition which came with 3,000 coins and Dennis Bergkamp.

Over the past few months of playing, I used my coins occasionally on Featured Players, Club Selections, and Iconic Moments (without much luck), but never frivolously.

Through Matchdays and festive bonuses, I have saved up around 2,000 coins, waiting for the right moment to spend it.

This moment came late this week, when Arsenal Iconic Moments were released.

If there has to be a time to make 20 spins, this is it. I believe that I won’t have any regrets if I get either Pires or Ljungberg. I guess even if I didn’t get any, I will get a few black, gold, and silver ball Arsenal players to fill up my squad for match days.

Knowing Konami’s system, I wasn’t expecting much. It will be an interesting experience, regardless of the results.

The Spins Begin

The first 10 spins went by quickly. I got a combination of new Arsenal players, duplicate Arsenal players, and a few guys from Serie A.

I stopped spinning. I told myself that I should have discipline, and should save my coins for future featured players or club selection.

I exited to the main menu, converted the duplicate players to trainers, and trained my existing players.

A few moments later, I decided to just spend all my coins on that day.

It will be quite a waste if I didn’t try (not a rationale thought I know, but I am not spending real money so it doesn’t really matter), and I don’t think any future players will give me the joy that Pires or Ljungberg would.

I didn’t spin for the previous Arsenal Iconic Moments, consisting of Vieira, Gilberto Silva, and Sol Campbell, so I didn’t want to miss this again. I did get Sol Campbell legend card, so that is not so bad. I doubt there will be another round for Arsenal (I might be wrong).

So I went in to spin again.

More duplicates, more Serie A players, 1-2 new Arsenal players.

Pink Screen

Finally, the moment came.

The much anticipated pink screen appeared before me.

I let the animation play out, enjoying the suspense.

It will be a cruel joke if I get Bergkamp, considering that I already have him from the club edition.

But I thought that that’s fine. I can at least max out his levels.



Screen cuts.

And there we have it.

Fredrik Ljungberg.

ljungberg pes 2021 arsenal iconic moment
Sweet red hair. Image credit: Konami

This is really cool.

The rest of the coins

I kind of know that I will not get Pires or another Iconic moment from this box. Nonetheless, I decided to spend all of my remaining coins, which was just around 400-500.

I figured I can do with a few more Arsenal players. Even duplicates are good for me.

So it ends with just 1 iconic moment, Fredrik Ljungberg. I have quite a number of EXP trainers accumulated, plus those received from spins as a bonus this week, so was able to get him to a high level immediately.

I am pretty happy with the result. He will do well with Bergkamp and Sol Campbell to provide some nostalgic fun.

Other Arsenal Legends

I still have my eFootball points unspent. I might spend it on Rosicky or Petit. I do heard that Ljungberg might be released on the eFootball store too, which will be good news for fans who didn’t manage to get him from spins.

Hoping to get Pires, Vieira, and Arshavin from future legend challenges. Fingers crossed.

Interestingly, I got Alexis Sanchez from one of the spins as well, so that is a good bonus.

Spin Results

Here are the players I received from spinning the Arsenal Iconic Moments box.

  • M. Thorsby – silver
  • M. Elneny (duplicate) – silver
  • Lacazatte – gold
  • Maitland Niles (now in West Brom so no Matchday bonus) – silver
  • Bellerin, duplicate – gold
  • Kessie – gold
  • V. Behrami – silver
  • M. Rog – silver
  • J. Zoet – silver
  • M. Skriniar (duplicate) – black
  • C. Tatarusanu – gold
  • Willian, duplicate – gold
  • Maitland Niles (duplicate) – silver
  • A. Sanchez – gold
  • Fredrik Ljungberg!
  • A. Rrahmani – silver
  • N. Barella – gold
  • Aubameyang (duplicate) – black
  • M. Thorsby (duplicate) – silver
  • J. Brunetta – silver
  • A. Hakimi – gold

21 spins – 10 silvers, 8 golds, 2 blacks, 1 Fredrik Ljungberg


To cap off an Arsenal day, I also received Gervinho from a silver ball reward from Matchday.

A good day of PES.

Main image credit: Konami