As more users are starting their own gaming website or creating a gaming YouTube channel, I created this page to share all the tools and softwares I personally use to make running this website possible. Hope you find this useful.

Certain products contains affiliate links, meaning I will get a small commission for any purchase you made, at no additional cost to you. All these little amount adds up to provide for web hosting, domain name registration and other miscellaneous costs. Thanks for your support in keeping PESMastery running and free for everyone 🙂

The Game

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PC DVD) (affiliate link) – The game that made it all possible. For PC gamers, you can purchase the Steam code (affiliate link) for direct download, but will advise you to purchase the DVD instead for resale value.


pes 2016


ASUS A42JR – More than 5 years old now, but still working well. It is not a full-fledge gaming laptop, but contains a decent graphics card. A good model to combine work and gaming.


asus a42jr



PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller (affiliate link) – I own a PlayStation 3 but decided to play the PC version for ease of video capture.


ps3 controller


Using PS3 Controller on PC

MotionInJoy DS3 is a good tool to sync up your PS3 controller to your PC.




Video Capture

Fraps is a popular software to take screenshots and videos on PC.




Video Creation

Camtasia Studio is simple to pick up, and contains a number of features to make your videos look good. Available on both PC and Mac.




Hope these helps. Have fun!