PES Tips – 7 Scoring Tips in PES

The main objective of any match is to put the ball into the ball of your opponent’s net, hopefully more often than they do the same to you. In this tutorial, I will summarise the 7 ways to score in PES

1. 1-on-1 Situation

The first PES tip is to use controlled shot during 1-on-1 situations. Slow the player down to a dribble, aim towards the direction of the player’s stronger foot, hold R2 and tap the shoot button. For a right footer, aim towards his right (the keeper’s left). Most players will be able to curl the ball lightly past the keeper into goal. Since the player is very close to the keeper, we just need to fill around 1/4 of the power gauge.

2. Outside Box/ Just Inside Box

PES Control Shot

Taking Controlled Shot

When you are just outside the box, or a few steps inside the box, take a controlled shot aiming for the far corner. Again, we turn to the direction of the player’s stronger foot, hold R2 and charge up the shot. Power required is around 1/2 to 3/4, depending on the distance. This tip is useful in PES as controlled shots are highly effective for scoring.

3. Far from Goal

Wish to take a long shot? Use the knuckleshot. From way out, press the shoot button, and tap shoot again just as the player is about to strike the ball. An effective tip as goal keepers find it hard to make a save. Identify a few players who can execute knuckleshots in PES, and use them to take long range shots from midfield on a regular basis.

4. At the Flank

pes crossing

Crossing In Front of the Striker

Cross accurately into the box by ensuring your winger is slightly in front of the striker. The striker will arrive just in time to meet the header. This is a simple tip that can be implemented by any player and any team in PES.

5. At the Center Line

Most PES players will probably know this tip by now, but this is still a great way to create goal scoring chances. From the center line, use teammate controls to command the striker to make a forward run, and play a chipped through ball into his path. Player runs are triggered by pushing Right Analog Stick in the player’s direction and pressing down the stick. Chipped through pass is executed by L1 + Through Pass.

6. Short Free Kicks

pes free kick

Scoring from Free Kicks. Image credit: Konami

Free kicks less than 25m are considered great goal scoring chances. Choose the best free kick taker, charge up power to slightly less than half, hold X, hold Left Analog Stick Down + Preferred direction of curl. A right footed player usually curls to the left. This is the most effective way to score from short free kicks.

7. Corner Kicks

A new tip which I just found out. To increase your chances of meeting aerial balls from corner, use the manual shooting option. Once the ball is sent in, hold L2 to activate manual shooting mode and press shoot. For some reason, this makes it easier for your player to win the aerial challenge.

pes goal

Image credit: Konami

And these are the 7 PES Tips which I found to be effective in PES. If you have any other tips, feel free to leave a comment!

Main image credit: Konami


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    isn’t it L2 using for the corners. That is actually the standard configuration fpr manual. Am I wrong?

    Nice site.


  2. Zed Neo Author

    Hi KlausKleber,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Yes you are right, we should be using L2 instead of R2. Sorry for my mistake and thanks for correcting my error. It has been rectified now! Thanks!


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    Klauskleber and Zed Neo you guys are wrong we should be using R2 because it is easier.

    This website is nice

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    also there is this easy way to score 1 on 1’s
    just as you go face to face with the keeper, go close enough and then just make a turn to the left or right, continue until the keeper lags behind and shoot. guaranteed goal.
    PS: it only works with players who have “speed merchant” skill that enables high speed turns

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    you are all mad and crazy…foolish people na today I dey play pes.

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    Your Comment *have you guys forgetting about kicking free kick with the O button

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    try holding l1 and r1 then press o to cross then press block to score

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    I think you are doing the right thing,so what about if I want to play down shoot?

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    Pls help me out, how can I use my keeper to catch up R2 shoot, I have already edited my keeper ability, to 99, but still, I can’t stop R2 or knuckleshots

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    Give another tutorial for pes 2017

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    Thank you sir for sharing.
    To zed

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    pls is there any cheats for pes 2020

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