PES Dribbling Infographic

Hi guys,

For all you dribbling fans out there, I have created an infographics for you, compiling all PES 2015 dribbling feints and tricks into one page for ease of reference.

Download it, print it, keep it by your side, and share it with your friends and/or opponents!

pesmastery pes 2015 all dribbling tricks skills moves feints infographics

Image credit: Konami

Hope you find this useful!


  1. Author

    Glad you find it useful 🙂

  2. perfect, great job, keep it up, thank you

  3. Pls, can u identify the R, L, R3, L3 buttons cos am getting confused

  4. Author


    L and R refers to the left and right analog stick.

    Press down the left analog stick for L3, and the right analog stick for R3.

  5. How do you lock the camera when taking free kicks.

  6. Your Comment *what does r3 mean in ps2 and l3 in PS2

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