PES 2011 Management Edit

In PES 2011, there is a new option for us to customize our tactics – The Management Edit.

Basically, this PES option allow us to allocate gameplay tactics at different time frames, according to the situation of the match. It is a rather good option for you to set your PES tactics beforehand, so you do not have to activate on-the-fly tactics manually during the match.

In this post, I will share you with the uses of each strategy, as well as share with you the management plan which I found effective in PES 2011.


Image credit: Konami

Long Ball – Play long balls to launch quick counter attacks.

Quick Counter – Pressing opponents in their half and attempt to win the ball back quickly.

Possession Game (Offensive) – Players move into position to keep possession, play a patient game to split the defence.

Possession Game (Defensive) – Players keep possession to drag time.

All out attack – Mad rush forward.

Swap Wings – Players move to opposite flank, allowing you to switch flank and continue the attack.

CB Overlap – Select one Centre-Back to make forward runs.

Note that Offside trap, and Custom Settings A/B are not available in Management Edit.

When the scores are level.

Image credit: Konami

As seen in the diagram, the plan is broken up into 15 minutes interval, with two rows. The upper row will be given priority. When the scores are level, it is important not to rush your attacks. Thus majority of the plan is focused on Offensive Possession Game. Quick Counter and long balls are set as second priority, to provide variation to your PES game.

In the first and last 15 minutes, I recommend an All Out Attack strategy. In the beginning of the match, an all out attacking plan will surprise opponents. Your players are full of energy and it will be to your advantage to earn a few shots on goal, which will set the momentum for you throughout the game.

In the last 15 minutes, throw in some substitutions, and go for the all out attack again. Your opponents will be tired, and might not be able to cope with your fresh attackers. Furthermore, a goal scored in this period of time will leave your opponents with little time to reply. I have also allocated the CB Overlap as second priority in the last 15 minutes to put more pressure on the opponents.

When you are trailing

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When you are trailing in PES, the most important thing is to regain possession. Quick counter is essential as players will pressure opponents to win the ball back quickly, allowing you to launch counter-attacks.

Swap wings is used towards the end of the game to change your style of playing. Afterall, there is no point sticking to the same strategy for the entire game if it does not work.

And when all else fails, the combination of All Out Attack and CB Overlap in the last 15 minutes will put tremendous pressure on your opponents.

When you are leading

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Leading in PES is a tricky situation. Even if you have a 3 goals advantage, your opponents might still mount a comeback by taking advantage of the match momentum. The main strategy now will be to retain possession, draw opponents towards you, and exploit any gaps. I use a mix of Quick Counter, Offensive Possession, and Long Ball in this case.

I find Defensive Possession Game ineffective, thus I did not use it.

And this concludes my management edit plan in PES 2011. Let me know your plan too!

Main image credit: Konami


  1. Author

    Wow bigron99,

    Thanks for your advice!
    I do not usually use that so I am not sure about the effectiveness. Thank you for sharing this great tip!


  2. I found it effective. After implementing this tips, I can win the game easlily than before. Thank you for your tips..

  3. Hi neo.
    There is so llitle good tactical site for Pes users, that i simple cant belive that!

    This page is so fantastic! I actualy ask Neo for some tactic for LIVERPOOL. I know Neo Page almost from the begining and i used from his advice in las Pes version, so i cant wait for this LIVERPOOL thoughs.
    thaks man.

  4. Hi Neo,
    I want to ask you about the team Barcelona.I found out that Barcelona is a great team with great tactics.But i also found out that it is hard to defend because it’s defensive line is hig.So what should i do? change the defensive line to standatd or there is another good tactics that you have? Pls help me

  5. Author

    Hi there!

    Thanks for your question.
    In my opinion, Barcelona is a very attacking team and its players suit the formation.
    To make it more defensive, I suggest you adjust the defenders to a position closer to the keeper.
    And you may have to play players who are have BAL or DEF under Attack/Defence Awareness in their stats.
    For more on this, you can refer to my post on this topic!

    Hope it helps!


  6. I prayed for help. I play PES 2011 on the network and simply can not fit my players how to play the press and not fall out as easily. If there is a proper solution to a assist.

  7. I always thought this didnt matter. chanched it once and i didnt see any differens

  8. if i use couter attack in managment edit and cb overlap in game plan by pressing select button which 1 will take effect? I mean using both managment edit and in game select button with x or O Etc is that going to mess up yer formation?

  9. Author

    Hello, in my opinion, game plan by pressing select will have higher priority 🙂

  10. nice man. I have a cuestion how to defend better? i use to play with 4 cb but now a put 5 cb because is very difficult to me defend the pass through the two cbs

  11. I use Barcelona,and I want to change the tactics to possession def how to change it?

  12. Author

    Hi Clayrens,

    Are you referring to management edit in PES 2011? If so I would like to apologise for not being able to help as I no longer play it and couldn’t really remember.

  13. I know it may be really late to ask but, does management edit activates itself without pressing anything? like, pick your team, play without looking game plan and just start?, is just have been playing alot and i never realized there was this strategy thing going on, my team is always static and doesn’t really do much, however when i tried quick strategy and actually felt more of a change and playing better, maybe is just pure luck though.

    Also i see alot that when playing against the AI they really are good on opening spaces themselves or making some of his teammates makes a run behind my marker or defense (he is not under control or with the ball) and they just pierce my markers, that leads me to ask, is there any possible way that my players run or scape their markers or move around while they are not under my control? say, i am just pressing the opposite team and i recover the ball and i want to make a through pass but my forward is not pushing but just staying behind his marker, how do i make him to escape or at least that my players are able to go for the open spaces rather than standing still?.

    I am aware that Team Strategy and Mangament Edit plus Quick Strategies have effect on players behavior, so does the stats on every specific player, but i simply can’t find anything giving that edge i need when facing good opponents Online or the AI on Top Players which easily kicks my butt when it comes to defending, it simply doesn’t let me in (i probably have 2-3 shoots to goal max per game without counting the corner kicks and the FKs), even when my possession goes around 65% per game.

    Hope someone reads it and i would appreciate all my points were answered, thanks in advance

  14. Author

    Hi Koster,

    Oh yes, the management edit activates itself. The strategy changes according to the settings as the game plays.
    The movement of your players changes according to your tactical settings. E.g Players will make more forward runs if the ‘All Out Attack’ setting is on.

  15. Author

    I will say you nee to adopt the jockey stance by holding R2, and not committing to a tackle until you are sure of winning the ball.

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