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PES Tutorial Videos

Many PES tutorial videos are uploaded frequently online. Some are great, others not so. I have browsed through Youtube to pick up some of the great videos which I believe will be useful for all players. Majority of them were not made by me, but by other PES fans.More PES  online videos will be added to this page so do check back. If you would like to suggest a video to be included, please leave a comment. Thanks!

PES 2013 Tutorial – Scoring from the Halfway Line

This is an interesting way to score directly from kick off from the halfway line. Not easy to execute, but worth a try. Basically what you do is to perform a manual lob into the path of a good shooter, and let him take a volley towards goal. A player with high kicking power will stand a good chance of beating the goalkeeper from distance.

PES 2013 Free Kick Tutorial – Scoring with a Bicycle Kick Using the Goalkeeper

I would say this is a good way to entertain yourself, and your opponent. Set your goalkeeper as the 2nd Free Kick Taker, and use off the ball control to position in near to the wall. Place a lob towards him from the free kick, and use the goalkeeper to unleash a bicycle kick towards goal.

PES 2013 Bergkamp Flick Tutorial

Remember Dennis Bergkamp’s flick against Newcastle several years ago? Now you can recreate it it PES 2013. Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn’t. As the ball is approaching your player, hold down sprint and push the Left Analog stick in your chosen direction. The player will flick the ball up and run past the defender to collect the ball. Take a first time volley to score a beautiful goal.

PES 2013 Through Pass Cheat Tutorial

Yeap, the chipped through pass everyone love to use and hate to defend against. Now there is any easier way to do it. Position your striker all the way to the top of the screen in the formation settings. From kick off, pass the ball to the winger, wait for the striker to make a forward run, and play a chipped through pass to him.

PES 2013 Great Goals Compilation (PESMastery)

The above video is from PESMastery (which means there are no ads in the video at all). It is a compilation of goals scored in PES 2013, grouped in the following categories.

  1. Headers and Volleys – Goals scored from nice volleys and towering headers.
  2. Great Passing Moves – Goals scored from great teamwork play, where many players are involved in splitting open the defence.
  3. Set Pieces – Goals scored from corner kicks, throw ins and free kicks, including one from a quick free kick.
  4. Spectacular and Cheeky Goals – Goals scored from bicycle kicks, lob, rabona and backheel.

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