How to Dive in PES

Ever since PES introduced the ability to dive in the game, many players have been trying to dive ‘effectively’ in the game and get away it. Many readers and members have also posted questions asking how to dive in PES.


Perfect Dive?

So the question is – Is there a sure-fire way to execute a perfect dive in PES?

For a number of days I have been doing research on this question online. I googled, read forums, watched youtube videos, and the short answer is – There is no proven way to dive effectively in PES.


Executing a Dive in PES

To dive, press the following 4 buttons at the same time – L1, L2, Left and Right Analog Stick. Alternatively, you can pre-set the player to dive using the Link Feint function. Using the second option will be easier to perform the dive.



Someone mentioned that to dive in PES, you should execute the dive the moment the opponent touches you. Of course this is easier said that done. Most of the time, we will press the buttons too quickly and our player falls before contact was made, and out comes the yellow card.

On other occasions, we press the dive buttons after the opponent tackle us. Sure, we got a foul and a free kick, but that might probably be due to the tackle, rather than it being a dive.

And since there is no ‘retry’ function, we have no way of telling if our dive was the cause of the foul.



We will expect players to upload videos of their successful dives on the popular video sharing site, but this was not the case. The only video I found by searching ‘how to dive in pes’ was someone sharing the button combinations to perform a dive.

This was not relevant to what we were looking for, and further searches revealed no suitable results.


So, is it worthwhile to dive?

I guess diving in pes is best summed up by a forumer’s comment, something along the lines of

If you are so good that you can perfect the timing of a dive, you are probably better off playing and winning the right way


Konami is not going to make it easy for us to get away with a dive, or else they might be promoting the wrong values. Of course, that is not going to stop me, as well as other players, from attempting to outsmart the opponent.

I shall continue practising my ‘diving abilities’ and will update this post should I find a trick to it. Until then, feel free to share your diving secrets with me and other readers!


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  1. rivo

    I don’t need dive, but what I do need is claiming the “unfairness” tackling by superstar AI/COM. At first, I hate AI as being so smart at tackling: it almost always touches the ball before tackling me, and no cards or even a foul comes out; just me slip at ground and slowly got up. Even worse, rarely it comes out with no foul when in replay mode it does touches my body before it touches the ball. So, can L1, L2, Left and Right Analog Stick do the claim? Anyone faces this at PES 2013 especially in BAL?
    Please help me. I’m really mad at superstar AI/COM.

  2. Author
    Zed Neo

    Hi Rivo,

    I understand what you mean. This is probably programmed to increase the difficulty for us. However, just as there are ways in which they always get the ball, there are always ways in which we can dribble past them easily. One of my favourite trick against the AI is the Double Touch. I find this very effective in dribbling past opponents. Give it a try 🙂

  3. Ammar Shauqi

    Hi Zed,

    New tutorial(s) please.. 🙂 here’s some idea for ya. How about a post about the best player’s abilities that we should consider before buying any player? you should do for every positions offered in PES 2013.

  4. AngryJoetheplumber

    Why does PES 2014 online ranking match penalise me for something I havent done? When opponents press combination buttons to slow down the game which eventually forces the game to freeze, disconnect, I get ducked points for what some bastard has done.
    I can’t think of any fucking game so fucking unfair as Konami’s PES 2014 online ranking match.
    They dont even seem to make any effort to correct this. Sometimes, I’m just trying to score and the whole thing goes blank and I get points taken off me. The more painful one is when I’m winning and the game is cut off and I get points taken off me. How very unfair!

  5. Author
    Zed N

    haha no offence but I love your comment!

  6. Erquint

    I get what rivo is saying. AI is extremely aggressive in defense and never gets a card even if your player is badly hurt.
    Yes, there is mostly no actual fault as they tackle the ball before crushing your player down but we’d like a way to punish AI with dives for inhumanely aggressive play.

    Also, I would say, this would be very interesting in couch versus(local multiplayer). It would be hilarious to be able to fool your friend back and forth if we both know about the possibility. The combination is audible enough for it to be heard across the room you are playing in.

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